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Avoid failed hires

You automatically create profiles of all candidates’ personality, values and cultural preferences to make sure they fit the job and your organization. Minimizes risk of failed hires.

Make sure no talent escapes unhired

Whaii Match brings your screening rate to 100% and makes sure you do not miss that perfect candidate. Whaii Match never stops analyzing – even if you receive hundreds or thousands of applications.

Spend your HR time on what really matters

Use the 25-40% time savings to increase the quality of your HR efforts by working even closer with your organization to achieve your goals.

You need to change the way you screen candidates


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AI recruitment
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving into more and more areas – in business, healthcare, transportation, military, IT, security and within HR. Whether it is embedded in a tool or piece of software or as a standalone solution it is going to have a big impact on the way we do things in the coming years. It has the potential to make us more productive, but also more creative by freeing up time to focus on tasks that create more value.

We believe in numerous opportunities within artificial intelligence and HR improving the strategic and organizational foundation with quantum leaps using artificial intelligence in human resource management, machine learning in HR and employment and with artificial intelligence in the recruitment process itself.

AI recruitment tools and AI recruiting software can help humans to make better decisions and freeing more time to other HR activities by the aim of supporting the organizations respectively in an operational environment where speed and continuously dynamic changes is on the daily agenda.

The automated screening tool Whaii Match is based on such mission.


Artificial intelligence in recruitment and HR
AI can be a benefit in most areas. One such area is artificial intelligence in HR and artificial intelligence in recruitment where e.g. screening resumes and cover letters can be a very time-consuming task.

More often than not it is so time consuming that not all resumes and cover letters are even read. Instead you stop reading when you feel you have found enough candidates for an interview round. This means that you risk leaving the potentially best candidates in the pile of applications.

By providing automated resume screening software tools to screen the applications, CV’s, resumes and cover letters automatically, AI comes the full benefit. By using automated candidate screening you make sure your screening rate gets to 100% and that no talent escapes un-hired and save valuable time.

The automated screening tool Whaii Match supports such need.


The best AI recruiting software 2019
The qualifications for achieving a category win within the AI recruiting software, intelligence recruitment and intelligence recruitment software as of 2019, 4 goals needs to be achieved:

  • A recruitment intelligence tool delivered with focus on simplicity and security
  • A well-documented science behind with transparency in focus
  • A recruiting ai tool with emphasis on solving and helping HR, leading to an improved professionalization of HR and recruiting processes outcome and results (company ROI) as supporting a proper financial ROI (department)
  • An artificial intelligence employment tool both serving an improved candidate experiences to the benefit of company branding as to serve the company organization with intelligent information on recruiting and candidate platform to the benefit of securing and strengthening the organizational core foundation

The automated screening tool Whaii Match meet such requirements.


With AI recruitment software you'll find the right candidates
How to hire the right candidate? A golden question among recruiters and if there were only one answer to this the global workforce and the human capital situation would properly look different. The increased competition of human capital is not leaving anything behind. The global workforce and companies and organizations worldwide differentiate by values and culture preferences due to both geographically and different business environments.

We depend on these dynamic preferences to support future growth. Now, having the global workforce differentiation in mind one answer to the question “how to hire the right person”, “how to hire good employees” and “how to hire the right employee” is to focus on your total talent and candidate pool and be sure to have an open mindset including diversity and inclusion when screening your talent and candidate pool. But how do you do that without relying too much on subjective “gut-feeling” and not to mention often limited resources.

This is where ai and recruitment & machine learning recruitment goes hand in hand.

The opportunity to use ai in recruitment and do machine learning in recruitment contributes with a whole new approach and level to reach a competitive advantage within attracting and hiring the right candidates.

The combination of minimizing the reliance on gut-feeling and an enormous increase in effectiveness among others delivering the open mindset in the screening of your candidate pool includes a qualification of each person focusing on the human capabilities not only on education and experience but indeed also on each personality, values and culture preferences.

By using automation and machine learning with recruitment makes it possible to focus on and create a huge and comprehensive candidate and talent pool making it possible to explore each person on this basis.  This is a good start for recruiting the right and best candidate as this also will benefit each candidate having the same preferences leading to a higher sense of belonging, loyalty, productivity and creativity as many statistics and surveys has shown through the years.

The automated screening tool Whaii Match apply this combination of artificial intelligence and employment.


Whaii Match brings your screening rate to 100%
Traditionally recruiters are screening candidates and job applicants with a risk of bias and with a focus on grades and education. In fact, in certain cases there will only be a superficial review of the candidate pool simply exposing the risk for missing talent in the candidate pool. This is too high risk and simply not the best way to hire and recruit employees. With the increasing need for focus on human capital the HR and recruiter team needs to make a new approach also considering that having a wide and sufficient talent pool might be the most important opportunity and the best way to recruit staff.

So, how do you increase your candidate screening rate to 100%, with emphasis on all job aspects i.e. personality, values and culture preferences in addition to professional skills – and thereby make the best way to recruit based on your candidate talent pool (ex. all job applications or CV database etc.)?

Fortunately, the era of new technologies offers new HRtech (human resource technology) solutions make it possible – and with a high degree of improved qualification in addition to reaching a 100% screening rate of soft skills (personality, values and culture preferences) as well as professional skills (education, experience etc.).

Imagine a complete screening tool, an automatic resume reader, delivering such recruitment foundation with emphasis on human attributes in addition to a comprehensive analysis of these aspects to support HR and the recruiter’s insight of each person. The automated screening tool “Whaii Match”, an automatic resume scanner, is providing such an opportunity without spending additional time, in fact saving a lot of time, but just as important for HR, returning value multiple times in terms of a better decision foundation within the recruitment process when hiring new employees and staff.  Both to the benefit of HR as to the candidate aiming for the perfect job match. And to the benefit of company performance and profitability. This is a giant leap.

The automated screening tool Whaii Match makes it possible with a complete and 100% screening rate.


Avoid failed hires
During the recruitment process one of the greatest risks for loosing talent and making failed hiring’s is within the screening process.

Why? Because this process is time consuming and we often only screen and select based on professional skills and often with a certain amount of human bias. However, there are so much more to any given candidate than their skills. Personality consists of traits, facets, values and culture preferences (PVC). PVC preferences are extremely difficult to qualify and screen manually when all you have is an application, resume, online formula etc. Avoiding human bias when reading through applications is even harder, since this is often conditioned in the reader over his or her entire life.

Nevertheless, we still often screen and select from the candidate pool only based on professional skills thereby risking losing talents that might have a much better personality match. Better personality match might even sometimes be preferential over a perfect match on professional skills. Many of us have seen first-hand the consequences of hiring a person whose personality simply did not match the job or the team they needed to work with. We would them much prefer to make a small investment in enhancing the professional skills of the person with 10-20% to get a person with a better drive, motivation and feel of belonging. Something that will yield higher engagement, creativity and performance.

Securing the best match talent match and avoiding failed hires is possible by using the new HR technologies available on the market ex. the automated 100% complete screening tool “Whaii Match” which specifically support profile analysis with emphases on matching personality, values and culture preferences in addition to professional skills. Making the recruiting of employees very efficient. Hiring employees effectively might be the most important factor in supporting a competitive advantage within your company’s ‘human capital foundation – and making sure no talent escapes un-hired as avoiding failed hires with consequently loss of cost and momentum in the team.

The automated screening tool Whaii Match is a supplementary tool to avoid failed hires and consequently avoid of opportunity costs.


Spend your HR time on what really matters
Currently there seems to be a tendency in our society of a higher complexity and dynamic situation. Time is becoming more and more a critical factor and subject for continually monetization as a currency exchange rate. This concerns also within HR. In HR we seem to prioritize or having a need to spend more and more time on higher aims for improving eg. our organizational foundation and human foundation (=human capital) in order to meet future requirements and to develop our competitive platform.

In order to capture time consuming activities HR must take a new approach and reach after new technology solutions to support both their daily agenda and future agenda e.g. within recruitment. Automatic recruiting, automated recruitment system, ai staffing and machine learning hiring solutions etc. will become more and more important to support such agendas.

One such AI recruitment tool is Whaii Match, an online SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. It automates the screening process and ensures that a personality, values, culture and skills profile is created automatically for each candidate – no matter of you receive 5 or 500 applications for each of your open job positions. You can even simulate how different target profiles influence the candidate pool and which candidates best suit your job and organization based on how you prioritize skills vs personality and vice versa. This is just one example of AI recruiting software. Many more will emerge. AI software and recruitment tools will come in many shapes and forms, but we believe it is essential that humans are still in control, so choose wisely and make sure that when you use AI in recruitment that you chose the ones with a human touch.

But it will support the daily and future agenda of HR spending their precious time on creating value within the human capital development and deliver new ways to e.g. screen and recruit, This will result in less time consuming processes without compromising HR professionalism and standards to the benefit of HR spending time on what really matters.


Ready for more effective recruitment?
Some will claim that the basic purpose and contribution from HR is and will continually be a focus on

1) Talent

2) Organization

3) Leadership

Might even be a no. 4: Human foundation (guidance of purpose and meaningfulness for each individual life and “job life”)

The headline is Human Capital – a critical ingredient for building a competitive advantage in the market.

Some will claim it is all about hiring the right personas – personality, values and culture preferences (PVC) in addition to professional skills. However, the PVC elements are getting more and more vital to support a good match and to ensure the best possible hiring and avoid of failed hires in order to strengthen the engagement and core foundation in your organization supporting better results (Source: Gallup – State of the Global Workplace 2017).

Consequently, and to support the above “Four”, it is essential to have a clear recruitment strategy to be effective in the recruitment efforts. Both elements are ready to be supported by new emerging HR technologies led by machine learning in hr and recruit ai.

Whaii Match supports you to be ready for more effective recruitment.


Save time. Hire better. Here’s how.

At Whaii we work to create stronger organizational foundations based on values and culture.

We do this by using Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms to:

– Deliver new ways for organizations and candidates to meet
– Match applicants based on personality, values, culture and skills

All automated – without requiring additional resources from the organization.

We help increase the number of successful hires, save time spent in the recruitment process (25-40%) and make employees more happy and productive.

We ensure that your best employees stay with you longer and we help your organization become more resilient and agile.

We are impressed with the services of Whaii Match within recruiting.

Global Employer Branding Manager

Corporate HR – Talent Acquisition, 25000+ Employee European Manufacturing Company

I am still pretty "high" after trying Whaii Match for the first time. Really cool and very useful.

Human Resources Business Partner

Corporate HR Department, 15000+ Employee European Fashion Company

01 – We take what is already there

When your candidates apply for jobs in your organization they send in their cover letters, CV’s or other forms of applications. The words provided (still mostly in text form) can be extracted and analyzed. We also support automatically inviting candidates to a digital dialogue to answer predefined questions or cases. This is our starting point.


02 -Algorithms & analysis

We then take that text and apply artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced linguistic analysis to create a candidate profile detailing skills, personality, values and cultural preferences.


03 – Matching

Whaii Match automatically analyzes each and every candidate and ranks them based on how well they match the target profile for the job and organization. Using our advanced target profile creation tool you can even simulate how different changes to the target profile will impact the candidate list. You can then focus your attention on the candidates that are best suited, interview better candidates and hire the best!


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