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Save time when screening candidates
Pre-selection and screening candidates are a time-consuming task, but a task becoming more and more important. In addition, todays manual screening process, which is the case in most companies recruiting new staff, is challenged by the complexity of reading and selecting candidate personalities for an interview. Reading e.g. 50 applications with a target of selecting 5 for interview, how do you manage qualifying these 5 persons out of a total candidate pool of 50.

Stop losing the human attributes from the right candidates

In all fairness, are we as recruiters capable to set a criterion and select, maybe under time pressure, avoiding relying on subjective “gut-feelings” during this selection? With human attributes becoming more and more important and an increasing demand for hiring the right people the candidate screening process is becoming more vital, but also exposed for a risk of losing quality.
Hire the candidate based on their personality, values and skills
The effects of losing quality in the screening process is obviously the consequence of hiring a person who will leave within a short period after on-boarding. Extremely costly (approx. 50-200% of a yearly salary) not to mention loss of momentum and team motivation. In addition, losing quality in the screening process likely have the risk of overseeing talents in the candidate pool in their efforts to make sure they hire people who not only match the job and organization with their professional skills, but also with their personality, values and culture preferences.
Screening candidates faster and better
Whaii Match is one of only a few products in the market taking this approach and addressing it with a modern solution, screening candidates better and faster supporting HR to reach their goals and expectations from the organization to deliver.

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Automated application screening
The HR dilemma having a responsibility and a task becoming more vital, more time consuming and an increasing expectation to deliver 1. time subsequently challenging their methods of screening candidates. Fortunately, new HR technologies are emerging the market thus leading to numerous of opportunities for HR to improve the methods for screening candidates.

Whaii Match is an automated resume screening software and is a unique example of both a stand-alone (online resume screening) as an HR system integrated candidate screening solution which solve the above-mentioned challenges. Simply screening candidates better and faster thus professionalizing and minimizing this time consuming and rather complex but vital task of HR. In this relation automation should be understood literally, however not fully excluding human interaction.

Whaii Match’s strength as a unique automated applicant screening software is the simple way it applies interaction with a human touch. Whaii Match automated resume screening meets the requirement from Whaii founders and customers of being a sophisticated HRTech, but with a human touch.


Whaii will find the right candidates
When you have subscribed and easily integrated Whaii Match applicant screening tools it will with immediate impact start assisting HR enriching existing HR systems and processes. Compared to most available recruitment screening tools Whaii Match differentiate by not only automated screening of professional skills, education, experiences etc. In addition, Whaii Match use AI technology to screen with emphasis on personality, values and culture supporting the trend and analysis of the changes in the future workforce. Human attributes at the center.

Organizations who start working with this today will likely have a competitive advantage to the benefit of both attracting people but also the capability and the importance to give a good personal candidate experience. It’s all about hiring the right candidate to the benefit of each individual and to the team. That’s what makes Whaii Match unique.


Choose Whaii and you will hire better and save time
Screening in recruitment is a vital task. Organizations underestimating this responsibility and task is taking a high risk with the consequence of eroding the organizational foundation thus the foundation of the company.

Taking the responsibility for screening candidates follows an obligation of priority and quality assurance to meet the above-mentioned requirements. The outcome of screening candidates is vital for any organizations. Whaii Match takes this obligation and supports you all the way within the candidate screening process making sure you hire better and save time. Whaii Match enrich your existing systems and processes on an easy way.

Whaii Match uses AI and advanced linguistic analysis to automatically create a profile for all candidates, making sure that everyone is being considered. These profiles are then ranked against a target profile set by HR for the specific job (skills and personality) and organization (values and culture). HR can then focus their efforts on the ones most likely to succeed in the job, communicate fast and effectively with them and deliver the best possible candidate experience.


Advantages by using Whaii Match automated candidate screening
Whaii Match automated candidate screening is built upon the founder’s passionate belief supported by official engagement surveys, future trend reports and research that personality, values and culture is key for a successful and strong partnership between employees and organizations. Whaii Match’s uniqueness is candidate screening with emphasis on these human attributes, in addition to professional skills.

The outcome is more happy, motivated and therefore more productive, creative and loyal employees. This creates the foundation needed to build the next and stronger version of your organization. If you succeed in doing this, you are rewarded with – among others – these benefits:

  • Increase the number of successful hires
  • Save time spent in the recruitment process
  • More happy, creative and productive employees
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Strengthen the core foundation of your company
  • Employees in full alignment with company values and culture
  • Your best employees stay with you longer
  • Your company will become more resilient and agile
  • Better results and a more sustainable earning platform


Whaii deliver a unique automated screening solution, but with a human touch and control
With technologies emerging and challenging the human mindset Whaii, as a HR technology service provider, has in-deep believe on the human factor.  Whaii do not deliver an outcome without HR involved, however Whaii delivers a substantial decision foundation and recommendation based upon a ranked list and a comprehensive summary of each person in the candidate pool. Priori to the Whaii Match outcome HR has considered in a guided simple process the following:

  • HR (touch) is setting of a target profile detailing the match factors with emphasis on personality (desired facets and traits), value preferences desired and culture preferences desired, in addition to professional skills required.
  • HR (touch) is setting the “Digital Coffee Meeting” – an integrated questionnaire tool to extend and enrich the mutual insights to the benefit of the qualification and ranking score
  • HR (touch) has the opportunity to change match factors to analysis, simulate and a re-ranking of possible candidates to secure that no talents escape un-hired from the total candidate pool. All done real-time without additional use of resources.

All above important match factors delivered easily, simplified but with HR professionalism knowhow build-in. We call it sophisticated HRtech, but with a human touch.


The future of application handling – why Whaii Match is a long-term applicant screening solution
The traditional selection process, incl. manual screening, has been the foundation the past many years. Considering the shortening of talents and human capital is becoming more vital we believe we must change our mindset to the benefit of attracting and matching candidates and organizations in new ways.

We wouldn’t be surprised that in a few years candidates by their own and to a high degree choose organizations to join on personal match preferences more than responding to job advertisements. HR must rethink the talent and candidate funnel and the hiring process. Already today available HR technology support this.

In fact, Whaii Match is one of the first truly automated candidate screening tools to include ranking not only based on skills but also on personality, values and culture. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) it empowers the modern HR professional to hire the right people, saves time and makes sure no talent escapes un-hired.

Whaii Match makes it possible to screen large candidate data both from internal as from external databases to deliver a candidate and talent pipeline based on a high security platform, which in our believe makes Whaii Match unique and a trustworthy screening solution partner.


Ready for better recruitment?
By taking the responsibility and running HR’s application screening process Whaii Match subsequently allows HR to spend time on what really matters and supports HR fulfilling their goals and expectations from their organizations respectively.

The mission of Whaii is to improve organizations and the lives of employees worldwide by providing tools that help ensure that you hire people that match both the job (with their skills and personality) and your organization (in terms of values and culture). By solving a rather complex and time-consuming screening process delivering a foundation for a better hiring decision and a better recruitment Whaii Match aim to make a difference.

Whaii Match works on an efficient and secure cloud platform powered by one of the global leading IT-infrastructure companies. Simplicity and security are the mantras in Whaii. This should make your choice of Whaii as trustworthy candidate screening solution partner easy. And with the result of better recruitment.


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