Are you actively helping build your organization’s culture through recruiting?

First a quick look at what organizational culture is and what it is not:

What it is:

  • Shared enthusiasm about a company’s mission or purpose
  • A common approach to working, together or individually
  • A mutual understanding of how to make decisions and assess risk


What it is NOT:

  • A common background whether educational, cultural or career-wise
  • A sense of comfort and familiarity with co-workers
  • Shared enjoyment of such perks as ping pong and craft beer


Understanding culture preferences (culture fit) is not only a question about gut feeling and mutual human chemistry in an interview or final assessment. It is much deeper than this and recruiters and hiring managers need to go deeper and find whether candidates are in sync with the fundamental elements of their organization’s culture.

Many recruiters and hiring managers underestimate the importance and work involved when working actively with values and culture in the recruiting process. It is not that easy. Best case is when you touch on the subject during an interview, but not really securing a deep analytic sync between the candidate’s values and culture and those of the company.

Fortunately, HR technologies are emerging and make it possible to approach this important issue more professionally. Not by eliminating human interaction, but supporting human decision making in the recruitment process. In fact, bringing forward this important matter as early as possible, namely in the screening process. It is all about hiring the right candidate for the organization and about the right organization for the candidate. The perfect match.

How are you supporting and building your organization’s values and culture through recruiting?

Curious for more insights about culture preference in the recruitment – read this excellent article from the Wall Street Journal – hiring for culture fit.


Building culture through recruiting