The quick answer to the first question is – furtunately – YES! The second question is of course even more interesting.

Let’s dive in a bit.
Many surveys and research projects have been done through time by experts of organizational psychology as discussions have been ongoing regarding this subject.

First, our belief is that you cannot divide job life and private life – we only have one life. Obviously, your time on the job has an influence on your time at home and visa versa. So, making sure you have a happy life while “on the job” will have a positive impact on your life in general.

So, the starting point is to focus on making a foundation for a happy life on the job. Factors such as these have a huge influence:

  • Social environment
  • Empowerment
  • Meaningfulness
  • Personal development

They are all important drivers to support a good workplace and individual happiness. Something every employer and employee should make an effort to work on and prioritize.

How to get started

A way to increase the likelihood of success of that work is by consciously hiring employees that have the right personality for each job role and who share the values and culture of the organization. If we match these factors initially in the recruitment process we will minimize wishful thinking, subjective “gut-feelings” and false assumptions from both sides, increasing the possibility that every new employee will enjoy a job life that are better aligned with the rest of their lives.

Obviously, this is only the initial step, but a step that creates a foundation, to impact a happy job life. Leadership and company empowerment of the values and culture is a common responsibility to live out. If the matched values and culture preferences are being lived then for sure a happy job really exist.

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Man with a happy joblife