Get a taste of what’s out there. Here are a few pointers to get you started. ?

Have an open mind

So many things are developing within HR tech to support you and your daily decisions and work. Many have the potential to make your life easier and increase your value contribution. Be curious – everything is possible – almost. ?

Follow HR tech

Start following companies, blogs and influencers within HR technology – many release new and interesting updates every day.

Search for HR news

Search the internet for HR technologies within your field i.e. recruitment software, screening tools etc. Be inspired and updated. A list with suggestions will follow in a later post ?

Use free trials

There are many free trials out there. Often only standard or limited versions, but nevertheless try them and get a first impression and idea of how it can support you and your organization.

Remember – most new HR tech tools are SaaS solutions, meaning no big IT projects and process changes needed. Easy to try and to evaluate. Many of them simply enrich your existing systems and processes in a straightforward way. ?

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