In HR, what is your talent strategy in terms of culture fit?

Not to dispute the importance in skills, various scientific evidence has shown that culture fit matters. Culture is the embodiment of human behavior in an organizational context. Culture is defined by how well individual values adhere to the values of the organization. Our awareness of values and culture in an organizational context is extremely important and should be incorporated in many of the activities in an organization, including the recruitment strategy.

A strong culture and value foundation is becoming more and more important as a competitive advantage entering the new digital age. With an emphasis on personality, values and culture preferences the recruiting process will help strengthen the core foundation of the organization and create a good starting point in building a culture and an awareness around the culture and value impact.

There are numerous advantages when focusing on culture fit. However, culture fit does not necessarily exclude diversity. Diversity is an important subset of culture and is becoming more and more in demand in organizations, in particular due to the change in the workforce facilitated by emerging technologies.

To sum up the advantages of focusing more on culture fit:

  • engaged and motivated workforce — as well as the ability to attract and retain the skilled employees
  • higher retention for people – bringing in diverse perspectives, experiences, and skills
  • culture fit including diversity, if people think differently, that boosts innovation


But do not underestimate the science and work behind making a culture fit. You do not measure a culture fit during a coffee meeting or interview. You need to ensure a good way of measuring it when making culture fit a match preference.

Fortunately, emerging HR technologies make it possible to do culture fit match measurement and incorporate it in the organizational recruitment strategies and processes. Without adding more time consuming or complicated processes.

It is equally as much about hiring the right person for the employer as it is about the right employer for the candidate.

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