The pace of new technologies and changing business processes that organizations are being impacted by is staggering. These changes in how businesses operate (or in some cases should operate) have a direct impact on who they should hire and what skills they need.

Here are some ideas as to how HR can help drive business sustainability through these many changes:


Make talent a priority

  • Every single touch point with people inside or outside should be based on the assumption that any human with their personality and skills has an individual talent and potential which only truly unfolds within the right organizational framework, values and culture. Times change. People change. HR must ensure continuous access to talent under new conditions driven by external macro-environmental changes, evolving candidate preferences with a higher demand for meaningfulness, dynamic and changing competitor offerings and thus the growing need to have proper employer branding strategies.


More emphasis on personality, values and culture

  • Put more emphasis on personality, values and culture attributes in strengthening your team and organization to enhance performance. This to meet new demand prompted by the changing and emerging new technologies with impact on your competitive edge. Scientific surveys show that along with a higher impact of technologies in the organizations, companies success criteria will increasingly depend on human capital and the capability to develop and maintain a strong organizational foundation. People, organizational and team foundation will become an even more important factor in achieving a competitive edge, but likely in a new framework. Focusing on a strong people foundation and matching preferences within personality, values and culture will become vital to stay ahead.


Embrace new technologies and develop new skills 

  • Along with new age technologies e.g. AI, robots (soft and hard), etc., HR needs to meet new skills requirement within and outside the organization. The skills requirement will change consequently, and thus the need to build a more agile and adaptable workforce will become a factor supporting individual and team development. Building a learning platform using new digital and cloud technologies, software solutions etc. will enable HR to distribute a more broad and comprehensive people learning and adaptability to the benefit of creativity, innovation and productivity delivering talents and skills to the teams and eventually customer fulfilment. Along with emphasis on human attributes the focus on new skills requirement will increase the competitive edge.


Innovate and collaborate

  • There are numerous opportunities for HR to improve the processes, strategic and organizational foundation with quantum leaps by using AI and new HR tech tools. The new digital era is embracing HR with the possibility to innovate and customize their specific needs e.g. to incorporate and achieve above mentioned factors and advantages. An eco-system of new HR technologies are emerging and depending on HR’s ability to be objective and collaborative, there are great opportunities in letting new technologies support HR and thus give HR the possibility to spend more time and focus on what really matters when being responsible for the “Talent, Organization and Leadership” foundation.


The future is now

The changes driven by new technologies and changes in human foundation will have a higher pace than ever before in history. The HR organizations who understand the implications and act on this will indeed achieve a competitive edge and thereby deliver on, and succeed in the opportunity to support and develop the business.


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