What will HR technology 2020 look like?

Here are 5 key points:

  1. Cloud-based HR platforms will continue to be in the lead – the market is so innovative and they have all started to partner with each other
  2. Employee Experience and Talent Experience platforms have arrived – new breed of “redesigned” platforms are now available designed for employees first, HR departments second or equal focus
  3. The HR Tech architecture has changed – moving away from HR system as a “single system of record.” Innovative tools now emerge from start-up’s and smaller companies and you have to be comfortable that you’re implementing an “app-ecosystem,” not just a core HCM system.
  4. The recruiting market is on fire and filled with AI – Recruiting is now the biggest AI market in HR, with AI-based sourcing, assessment, screening, interviewing and candidate experience management now available. Many of these vendors have very useful technology for internal mobility as well.
  5. Analytics, Organizational Network Analysis, Chatbots, and Natural Language Processing are hot. – AI is here, and this means analytics, ONA, chatbots, and NLP are now part of HR

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Now, it is important that HR see these opportunities as supportive tools with a higher aim of adding value and eventually supporting a competitive edge for your business. HR must still focus all efforts on the core factors in the organization, namely:

  • Talent – constantly focus on developing employees, engaging and recruiting talents to the pile of candidates.
  • Organization – constantly focus on developing and engaging the people organization both from a human and system point of view.
  • Leadership – constantly developing the organizational framework of leadership and culture and supporting business leaders in any aspects of encouraging new leadership and thus setting and engaging the right team to achieve a competitive edge striving for a high performing customer driven organization.

If you are looking at implementing new HR systems or HR technologies, you need to focus on the root (the above 3 fundamentals) of what is adding value in your organization.

There are vendors delivering perfectly processing systems, but also be aware that numerous of HR tech tools are emerging adding considerable value in specific process steps e.g. recruitment, candidate screening, interviewing, assessments, on boarding etc. These tools are often simple subscription tools and easy to plug into your existing HR system. It is important to secure such flexibility and possibility to add on in a choice of an HR system delivering the best enrichment for you to create a competitive edge.

Our contribution to this eco-system is delivering a subscription-based solution enriching and automating the screening process with emphasis on personality, values and culture preferences strengthening your organizational foundation. We call it Whaii Match. Sophisticated technology, but with a human touch.

Whaii Match - HR technology of the future