Is it an opportunity or “just” another downturn?

We can all agree that the COVID-19 virus has left a track of structural destruction and has surprised us all to a degree never seen before, at least for decades – and for that reason alone we’re making history.

COVID-19 and the importance of personality, values and culture

In a way we imagined that we were invincible but within a short period of time our modern society and humanity are suddenly threatened. At least until we know more about the virus and until when we have a vaccine.

COVID-19 and the importance of personality, values and culture

We have for years talked about disruptive impact from technology, we have talked about the new digital era etc. and suddenly an outsider totally smashed our platform and challenged us all in a way never seen before. But, is this only negative? Is this a chance to rebuild humanity in partnership with new emerging technologies with a new sustainable approach?

The excellent article below, orchestrated by Josh Bersin give an initial insight of some learnings so far indicating that more fundamental changes will be the result when we all meet again after locking down.

Here’s what we believe we have learned so far:

  • Remote work is more relevant than ever and have taught us how to make progress despite organizational structure break-up
  • Help others has got a whole new meaning
  • Teamwork has proved its importance
  • Values and culture have become even more important factors to support sustainability and actions
  • Communication is almost everything when handling a crisis
  • Leadership and leadership by example are the important lighthouses in times of crisis and difficulty

From an HR perspective we believe this is the opportunity to wipe the slate clear or “reset” some of the current structures and processes to adapt and rebuild a new approach.

COVID-19 and the importance of personality, values and culture

Many are in a situation where extra load of administration tasks is being a time disrupter and many of you will soon be in a position where you need to rehire and ensure the right organizational foundation by new hires, maybe even mass hiring as we see in some industries.

We believe this is an opportunity to implement historical learnings of how our organizations performed with demand for fast action and high agility to stay competitive and for many even to survive in a totally disruptive market condition.

Happy employees. Personality, values and culture matter

We believe PERSONALITY, VALUES AND CULTURE have never been more important for organizational sustainability and success – whether this relates to individual and leadership level, organizational level or when recruiting new talent to your organization.

Click here for Josh Bersin’s article.