New era. New mindset. Some tips and inspiration to all of you people working passionately with recruitment – how can I improve my recruitment role?

In HR, the recruiter role is becoming more and more important. The fast pace of emerging new technologies and changes of the workforce demographics is having a deep impact on recruitment already, but even more so in the near future. We have listed few ideas below that can hopefully give you a competitive advantage within your recruiting activities:

  • Recruiters will become Hiring Manager’s trusted people adviser – with high paced market dynamics and a competitive environment as a daily “standard”, Hiring Managers will have a need for more guidance and help than ever ensuring that he/she is hiring the right person. The negative consequences of hiring the wrong person is increasing with the pace and requirements of making results. Consequences include influence on team engagement and has a direct cost impact. The partnership between you and the hiring manager will become more vital, as you will be a partner in securing a strong organizational foundation from the beginning. Therefore, as a recruiter, you need to be in sync with the business purpose, the goals and needs and be capable of materializing to enhance guidance and advice to hiring managers during the recruitment process.


  • Recruiters need to change mindset – becoming a storyteller – you need to move out of the traditional recruiting mode, job postings will change or disappear and become more storytelling addressing candidates’ personal stage and meaningfulness and thus increase your attractiveness as an interesting employer. As a recruiter you will need to become a storyteller. You will need to touch base on why it is worthwhile spending a part of my life with you and thus achieving my personal goals and purpose together in coherence with your company goals, values and culture.


  • SoMe will be the new way to engage candidates – you need to move out of the office, live sessions, events, chat bots and videos via SoMe will be the key. Looking into the trends of businesses attracting customers via SoMe you need to do the same creating content in relation to attracting the right people. Meet candidates on their terms, addressing their ambitions and stage of life and how you both can benefit in fulfilling your individual journey’s (purpose and goals).


  • Use AI and HR technologies – there are already numerous of opportunities of using HR tech to support a better qualification and a smoother process. Both improving candidate experience, saving time and enhancing the dialog between you and the hiring manager. In a simple way it can improve and modernize your recruitment process in all facets. Many available HR tech’s are simple subscription solutions enriching your existing systems and processes. Easy to implement (plug-in) and no need for large or risky investments. Providing you a competitive edge by building and strengthening your organizational foundation.


Do you agree? What ideas do you have to improve your role?

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