At Whaii we believe that every human with their personality and skills has an individual potential that only truly unfolds within the right organizational framework, where there is a good alignment between the employees personality, values and culture and those of the organization/team. But how does this fit in with the change in the workforce, or more specifically, how does this apply to the growing generation Z workforce?

Recruiting Generation Z requires a new approach


For you as a talent and HR professional, Millennials might have been the hot-button topic of discussion for a long time. Now Generation Z (aka Gen Z, born 1997-2012) is entering the job market and will continue to increase by large numbers in the coming years:

Gen Z statistics

For you, working with talent acquisition you might need to consider your recruitment strategy and approach when attracting, hiring, and retaining Gen Z. Below you will find input to create and differentiate your strategy.


Gen Z is tech-savvy, meaning:
Reboot your online presence. If your company’s online presence leaves a lot to be desired, this can turn Gen Z candidates away. You should consider diversifying the channels, e.g. not only Facebook, you use to source, post ads, and share employer branding content.

Also keep an eye on online reviews and feedback about what it is like to work at your company. This could also apply for surveys made internally. This will help you understand how Gen Z perceives your brand.


Gen Z is risk-averse, meaning:
Flashy perks mean nothing to Gen Z if a company is not catering to their basic needs — like providing good health coverage, paid time off, and clear opportunities for growth and development.

Helping Gen Z understand what learning opportunities are available can also build trust and help them envision a long-term relation with your company. Gen Z is very aware of the way workforce needs are changing — 62% believe technical hard skills are changing faster than ever and 59% don’t think their job will exist in the same form 20 years from now — consequently showing that your company is investing in learning and skills development is a good way to win them over.


Gen Z is independent, meaning:
Focus on and offering more freedom and flexibility in a job can be highly attractive to Gen Z candidates. Since working independently is just as important to Gen Z as setting their own schedule, talk in depth about the kind of projects they will have ownership over and give them the responsibility and confidence that comes with that.


Gen Z is competitive, meaning:
To retain this generation, recognition is a must. A 2019 survey of Gen Z and Millennials found that an increase in recognition and rewards would make 79% of respondents more loyal to their employer.

To boost engagement and retention, another useful tactic is to encourage a culture of constant feedback, not necessarily long hours of talks, five minutes feedback is enough. Annual performance reviews won’t cut it — 60% of Gen Z’s want multiple “touch points” with their manager throughout the week.


Gen Z is open-minded, meaning:
They care about working for diverse companies that provide fair and equal pay and promotion opportunities. Being open and honest about where you need to improve and how you’re going about doing it can also be far more compelling.


Gen Z is focused on authenticity, meaning:
Be real, be honest and be present. Authenticity should shine through in your job descriptions, career site, and employer branding content. Do not pretend like you are one of them, not worth the risk of seeming out-of-touch. If you are authentic, you will stand apart from your competition because authenticity resonates with Gen Z. Focus on having real and honest conversations with them, and they will do the same with your company.

To strengthen this sense of authenticity, try to have in-person or face-to-face conversations with them as often as possible during the hiring process or make sure to keep them in the loop giving them insights, e.g. feedback to their job/match score, give them insights of your views and analysis of them by using HR Tech that makes this possible and meaningful.


Whaii - Our mission


So, we still believe that every human with their personality and skills has an individual talent and potential that only truly unfolds within the right organizational framework, with values and culture aligned. An important bridging and support to the above-mentioned Gen Z factors.

Using HR technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) you can empower the modern HR professional to hire the right people and efforts in attracting and retaining the coming generation(s). Paradoxically, using advanced technology can help put more focus on the H in HR.

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Source: Linkedin – Talent-Solutions-Generation-Z