Many influencers and researchers are talking about it, more and more workforce trend reports are pointing at it as THE most important factor in your organization and your teams – emotional intelligence.

Smiling people at work - focus of soft skills instead of hard skills


Soft skills

Facing rapid changes and new dynamics within the work functions – among others lead by new technologies impacting our daily lives – the human factor is undoubtedly getting more vital to team success. Actually, we have known it for some time and we have made workarounds by focusing on this in the interviewing process (personal feelings and chemistry) and to the extend by using personal assessment tools etc. to support or challenge our initial feelings and decision of a match.

Risk of overlooking talents

However, this only cover the few who passed the screening “needle eye” that is often based on a skills match and often also impacted by a certain degree of subjective “gut-feeling”. The consequence is a high risk of missing talents in the initial screening of the total talent pool (=candidate pool) only focusing on skills or credentials and not focusing on what may be the most important thing – the personality behind each individual and how this will benefit the team and organization.

It is time to challenge todays focus on hard skills to the benefit of a more individual personality match.

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