“I HAVE A DREAM!” – or rather WE have a dream – that all people will have the opportunity to have a happy job life. A happy life! Not a happy job life OR a happy life. We have only ONE life (thank you) Morten Albæk. This life. Here and now. Imagine that you just can`t wait until it is morning to get to your job and spend time with your colleagues. Making a difference as an individual and as a team for a higher purpose in your organization and company. Then later in the day you can’t wait to go home and spend time with your loved ones. Inspiring your kids and friends and getting the same in return from them. Relax and live with positivism as the foundation. Today some are fortunate to be in that situation. We are – and we are so grateful for that.

Gallup states in their report “State of the Global Workforce 2017” an average worldwide employee engagement rate of only 15%. To change that we must start somewhere. Our contribution is a passion and a belief that we can make a difference by taking a new approach in how we match and recruit by using new technologies to support us. Sophisticated HR technology but with a human touch – made by humans for humans. To match people and companies with an emphasis on personality, values and culture preferences in addition to skills. This will benefit each individual and the company in terms of results and growth opportunities. The mission is “improving lives and organizations” and we are grateful to spend our time on that every day believing in and having a strong passion and purpose following our own dreams. Trying to make a difference for you and for us. Let’s take a new approach. Let’s change the way we recruit and match each other. This is not a race – and we do not care who wins. May all contributions come forward. Let’s make a difference together.

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