Webinar: Can tech make HR more Human

Join us for this exiting round-table discussion on:

How can we ensure that the H in HR does not disappear?
How can technology help people attain meaningful jobs?

We have gathered experts from all over the world to address this dilemma, so that all participants can take home:

– An understanding of the challenges business will face in the coming months.
– The role culture and technology need to play in this environment.
– Practical recommendations to implement in your workplace.


The panelists (in alphabetical order):


Deborah Hartung (South Africa)
– Leadership & Culture Changemaker | Writer | Keynote Speaker | Podcaster | Hacking HR Partner

Haider Iman (UK)
– Founder at Tao Leadership, People Analytics & Culture Change Pioneer

Jason Averbook (USA)
– CEO & Founder at Leapgen, Author, Futurist

Marcos Malaga (Chile)
– Strategic Planning Manager at Coca-Cola

Marti Konstant (USA)
– Workplace Futurist | Author | Keynote Speaker | Founder, Career Agility Project




Daniel Laya (Spain)
– Founder & CEO at HRbots | HR Transformation Speaker | IE Human Sciences & Tech Professor

Michael Skovsgaard (Denmark)
– Founder & CEO at Whaii.com


Join us! See you on 2 July!

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