Many questions and considerations are brought forward concerning the current corona situation and the “life in the post-corona world”. To answer this, we still have a lot to learn from what we are experiencing today – and we are indeed still learning and experiencing every day of this historical situation.

Fortunately, there are many interesting reflections and lessons being shared. During the coming period we will continue to share our and various people’s reflections to inspire you and your reflections and learning outcome of this historic situation.

Here we share some interesting reflections about “next in post-corona world” brought forward by HR expert Dave Ulrich.


Dave Ulrich



1. Increasing customization or personalization

Mass customization or personalization is not new but may get increased attention as organizations may customize services to unique customer requirements and personalize work to fit the needs of individual employees. There may be fewer “one size fits all” approaches to work.


2. Redefining boundaries of work from place to values

The social distancing required by this pandemic may evolve this definition of work. The emerging boundaries for work may focus less on space and place and more on creating value for key stakeholders.

The value of creating value for customers may become the focus of work. For example, it is not enough to have an internal culture based on values; the “right” culture means that the values inside a company create value for customers and investors outside. With a value boundary defining work, employee actions are not tied to a place, but to value created for customers.


3. Navigating paradox

In this crisis, leaders have recognized and been forced to navigate paradoxes, e.g.
care for the individual AND create a competitive organization etc.

Leaders and organizations navigate these paradoxes by recognizing and avoiding predispositions and unconscious biases, encouraging disagreements without being disagreeable, and constantly adapting to current circumstances.


4. Tolerating uncertainty

The crisis reminds us of how much we want certainty even when it is not possible. Ultimately, the primary source of peace (either individual wellbeing or organizational relevance) comes from within as people and organizations come to tolerate uncertainty by living their deepest values.


5. Seeking guidance

In any crisis, decisions and choices get magnified requiring even more attention to making the right decisions. Post-coronavirus crisis, decisions should increasingly be made with rigorous analytics using digital technology.

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We believe what we are experiencing now is an opportunity to implement historical learnings of how our organizations performed in a demand for fast and high agility to stay competitive and for many even to survive in a totally disruptive market condition.

We believe PERSONALITY, VALUES AND CULTURE have never been more important for an organization’s sustainability and success – whether this relates to individual and leadership level, organizational level or recruiting new talents to your organization.

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