For decades recruiting has been done by companies posting open job positions and candidates responding by sending applications and resumes. Recruiters then select candidates for interviewing by reading the applications (screening). Screening applications is very time consuming, but a very important task, since it determines who gets invite for an interview, and eventually hired.

The work-around has resulted in more focus on CV’s only, and a request to candidates of sending shorter and shorter applications. In addition to this, companies create simple website forms etc. to make it even simpler and smoother for the benefit of both candidates and recruiters.  On the surface this would seem like a natural development to make the screening process more manageable.

The challenge then is the level of insight you get into each candidate when screening. Specifically the knowledge of each candidate’s personality, motivation and engagement for joining your team and organization. Today we get this insight, if at all, at a much later stage in the recruitment process.

This conflicts with the main factors needed to find the best match. Especially considering the direction our societies are taking these days, where engagement and meaningfulness to support individual and team creativity and performance is becoming a more vital ingredient in empowering an employee’s success and happiness and thus the foundation for improving your organization’s competitiveness and differentiation in the market (read Gallup’s Statement of the Global Workforce 2017 to gain more insights into this topic).

Therefore, we need to putt human qualities and attributes at the centre to the benefit of both the individual and the organization. The foundation for this is a much more intensive focus on personality match, while not putting competency in the shadow, but letting it be a complementary match factor. A stronger and a more qualified focus on personality, values and culture preferences (PVC) in the early stage of the recruitment process will give a much better foundation for the hiring decision incl. avoiding costly rehiring processes (*), momentum loss etc. – all aspects that we know have a deep impact in our organizations.


Employees coming and leaving. Focus on human qualities and attributes.