More and more companies align their goals, strategies, and policies with the 17 UN Goals to support the efforts for a better world. Several UN Goals support the wealth and healthcare for humans. So do we at That is why our mission statement is  “Improving lives and organizations”.

We aim to improve organizations and the lives of employees worldwide by providing tools that help ensure that you hire people that match both the job (with their skills and personality) and your organization (in terms of values and culture). With a focus on strengthening the core foundation, the people in your organization, we believe you will achieve better results in terms of employee engagement, productivity, creativity, and innovation.

For a long time, research, debates, and discussions across the world have taken place about what really matters in order to improve the workplace. Surveys has been made, i.e. Gallup State of the Global Workplace (2017) highlighting that only 15% of those employed worldwide are engaged in their daily jobs. That means 85% is actually disengaged. Wow! What an opportunity for improvement!

A LinkedIn survey* gives an indication as to why professionals leave their jobs. It states that 36% are unsatisfied with the work environment/culture. How come?

Some of the most important factors mentioned are social environment, meaningfulness, and personal development. All important drivers to support a good workplace. In fact, this sums up why personality, values and cultural preferences matter to lay the foundation for a better workplace with the benefit of a more happy and satisfactory life for individuals and consequently better results within the organization.

Whaii Match, an automated candidate screening solution, is one of only a few products in the market taking this approach by focusing on personality, values and culture and addressing it with a modern solution.

* Source: LinkedIn survey, Why & How People Change Jobs(2015). Showing average. “Which of the following contributed to your decision to leave your previous employer?”

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Happy employees. Personality, values and culture matter