Why it is important to focus more on human match factors in the screening process!

For decades the recruitment process has been unchanged.

A LinkedIn survey giving an indication to why professionals leave their jobs says that 36% are “unsatisfied with work environment/culture”. Leadership IQ made a study revealing that 46% of newly hired employees fails within 18 months, in large part due to the lack of emotional intelligence.

How specifically are these elements qualified in today`s recruiting process?

Some do attempt this, based on the interview and in particularly during the test session, however most “only” cover the candidate’s personality. So, whether the candidate match company values and culture is still unknown. Additionally, and maybe most important, by focusing on human match factors we will have the opportunity to achieve a higher job satisfaction. This equals a happier job life to enrich our lives in general and makes us more productive and creative to the benefit of mutual development, performance and results.

This is why it is important to focus more on the human match factors from the very beginning: In the screening process.


Whaii Match helps hire people that fit the values and culture in your company.