Let’s elaborate a little bit about engagement in the workplace. We have all touched the engagement subject f.ex. in a job interview, company survey etc. Tonnes of employer surveys are being executed yearly within various organizations.

Gallup released in 2017 their report “State of the Global Workplace”. One of the results from this survey showed that worldwide only 15% (in DK: 16%) of the workforce is engaged in their daily jobs – meaning 85% (in DK: 84%) is disengaged.

Yes, there are variations among organizations, but still there is a long way to be near anything close to “acceptable” in any organization. What`s the consequence? Well, Gallup survey also conclude that “research shows that, across industries and countries, teams with highly engaged members are, on average, 17% more productive than those with lower average engagement.”

Surely the potential for the company “GDP” is to be an average of 17%, the potential might very likely be much higher. In addition to this and not to forget – the obvious acceptance and consequence of having people in our organizations with an engagement ratio of 15 (WW) seen from an individual and organizational view.

Besides being less productive the lack of engagement erodes organizational creativity and agility, both important fundamentals for future competitiveness and performance beyond average.

Finally, the employer engagement and customer engagement as a culture seem to have a strong link according to Gallup. All reasons why employee engagement is so important and emphasis on personality, values and culture match factors lead the way to improve the survey statistics.

Whaii Match screening solution is one of only a few products in the market taking this approach by focusing on personality, values and culture and addressing it with a modern solution.


Happy and engaged employees