If there is one common feature that unites all recruitment software  – that is, without doubt, the automation that they provide.  The traditional way has proven to hinder the cost-efficiency of HR departments all over the world by having to spend countless hours in processing and screening candidates.


So, what assets does automation bring to HR? Among other things, teams benefit from having less paperwork. No more countless hours lost in manual and repetitive tasks. No more time wasted in managing tons of emails and spreadsheets when recruiting new candidates. Lastly, there is also no more loss of information within the internal communication. In this way, recruiters decrease their chances of candidate data loss and consequently a loss of acquiring new talent for the team.

What is Workable?

With a growing customer base of 20 000 companies, it is unlikely that you will not hear of Workable. If you have not yet, briefly: Workable is a SaaS recruitment provider that equips companies with an automated platform for finding the most suitable applicants to open positions. Part of Workable’s strength is in its nifty, modernized tools that it offers for interviewing and evaluating candidates.

To all of you who are familiar with the recruitment software of Workable, whether because you are planning on using it or you already are a customer, you know that the platform lives up to more than just the standard of supporting your hiring team.

Below you will get a brief recap of Workable’s best features and the hidden perks that you might be missing.


4 ways in which Workable can help your recruiting process

Since its start back in 2012, Workable has been updating its product to meet its user’s needs and solve their pains. While companies can be more favorable on what they say about their product, its actual users share their reviews, and this is where the two opinions reach unanimity:


1. Ease of use

With over 350 reviews on just one reviewing platform and a current 4,5 out of 5 score, the ease of use is the most agreed feature of Workable. Customers find it intuitive and quite understandable – and that results in even more seamless use of the software.

  • Ease of use 90% 90%

2. No lengthy staff training

Because Workable was built in a way that is quite easy to grasp, hiring managers and recruiters agree that also their employees did not need lengthy assistance in adapting to the use of Workable’s platform.

3. Broad reach of applications

Another commonly agreed positive side of Workable is that it has a wide reach of job websites. You only write one job description, post it, and let Workable distribute it to multiple job websites at the same time. Another “needed-to-be-done” but time-consuming task – eliminated! ✔

4. Reduced time to hire

The compilation of Workable’s automation, ease of use and customizable platform, its reduced employee adaptation time and the optimized multiple job posting simultaneously does have a positive impact on the overall time spent on the whole hiring process.

How does Whaii Match add to the digital assessment of Workable?


To summarize, what Workable equips recruiters with is the comfort of an automated hiring platform with guidance for measured more objective evaluations. Workable is particularly well developed with assessment tools such as video screening and video interviewing for recruiters to get familiar with the job candidate before a one-on-one interview.


What the ATS does not provide is a direct identification of who you should hire. The recruitment software focuses on delivering an automated digital tool for bridging huge databases of employees with the applicant’s information together in one recruitment platform. Whaii Match assists Workable with screening and evaluating those candidates. Developed with sophisticated linguistic analysis powered by an AI, the intuitive Whaii Match plugin can guide the selection of future employees not only based on skills, but also on personality, values and culture. Consequently, this is how recruiters can benefit from a timely overview and base their hiring decisions on more in-depth screening.


Workable integration illustration

Together, the two digitalized forces (through an intuitive integration that can be set up in under two minutes) create a holistic approach to how recruiting will be done in the future – without compromising any essential values, beliefs or skills of potential candidates.