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With Whaii Match you can start screening candidates faster and better in less than a minute.

The Whaii Match plugin brings more to 



In this 1-minute, you will see in this video how Watch Match adds more value to your overall screening processes.

This is how Greenhouse and Whaii Match help you 

Two digitalized forces make a powerful solution for your recruitment practices. This is how:

The power of Greenhouse

01   Enhanced hiring
Greenhouse is at every step of your hiring processes to help you make smarter and better decisions. The recruitment software gives you the power of data combined with an intuitive workflow so that you can start selecting the best candidates with greater ease.
02  Excelled employee experience
Greenhouse has optimized its Onboarding experience so that you and your team can simply enjoy its seamless utilization. From quick integration of new hires to an automated task creation to keep things moving forward, the creation of your own tailor the welcome experience, and so forth – Greenhouse’s ATS has it covered.

03   Continuous exceeding of your hiring performance

Every company reaches a point of Hiring Maturity – when their hiring strategy is at a steady but non-development phase. Once your company hits a Hiring Maturity, Greenhouse provides you with directions and hiring strategies at any stage that you are on the curve to continue moving forward and to get to a place of consistent excellence.

The power of Whaii Match

01  Screening of all candidates in seconds
This is where technology comes to ease the screening process. With the automated Whaii Match, you never need to screen manually anymore. And this means that screening is all done in seconds for you.  You will never miss a talent from the (CV) pile. 
02  Quality hiring with personality, culture, and values (included)
Whaii Match helps you screen and identify candidates for more than just skills. Because personality, values and culture give you the right hire that will match and stay for longer in your companyWhaii Match does not compromise on that quality assessment. 
03  Intuitive integration with Greenhouse
Whaii Match enhances the benefits of Greenhouse with the added fast screening and a ranking list with the best hires for you based on skills, personality, values, and culture. And the best part is the ease of integrating Whaii Match to your Greenhouse ATS.  

How does it work?

Whaii Match takes the text from the CV and Application letter that the candidate submits and applies artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced linguistic analysis to create a candidate profile. That profile entails a more specified overview of skills, personality, values and culture of each candidate. 
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