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Whaii Match integration with Greenhouse

In this video, you will see how Watch Match integrates with Greenhouse.

Integrate Whaii Match into Greenhouse 

If you’re using Greenhouse make sure that you have “All Access” permissions. If you don’t, you’ll need to ask your administrator for permission. Select the Settings icon in the top right header. Then, select Dev Center. Select API Credential Management and click Create New API Key. You’ll select Harvest as the API type, don’t worry about Partners, that’s not applicable, then make the description the name of your API key and select create. From here select Manage Permissions. You will need to copy and store your API Key. Select I have stored the API Key. 

Then you’ll come to a page where you’ll need to Manage your Permissions. Select All and press Save. 

Next, you will integrate Whaii Match into your ATS. You can do this by selecting the Profile Menu in the top right and select Integrations from the drop-down menu. Choose your ATS as Greenhouse and select Add. Name your ATS account and paste your API key.