Whaii Match for Workable support

How to use Whaii Match and Workable together

In the video, you will see how Watch Match works, how to setup the integration to Workable and how that all adds value to your overall recruitment process. If you prefer to read, we have written instructions below as well. Enjoy.

Whaii Match Overview 

Welcome to our candidate screening application called Whaii Match, where we use linguistic analysis and artificial intelligence to infer the personality, value, culture preferences and skills of each candidate. Whaii Match screens and ranks candidates faster, better, and more objectively saving you and your team 25-40% of the time you spend now in the hiring process.

You’ll now be able to identify your best applicants as soon as they enter your ATS leading to higher employee engagement, job satisfaction, productivity, and tenure. Our unique method of matching candidates and employers based on not only the necessary skills, but the alignment between personality, values and culture can significantly reduce turnover and in turn, improve your bottom line.

Sign Up and Log into Whaii Match 

To sign up for Whaii Match, visit https://match.whaii.com/signup.

Enter your full name, email address associated with your ATS, Company Name as it should appear on any tags, and a password. You’ll also need to agree to Whaii’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Press Sign Up.

A verification email will then be sent to your inbox. If you can’t locate it, be sure to check your spam folder.

Once you verify your email, you’ll be able to log into the platform by visiting match.whaii.com.

Integrate Whaii Match into Workable 

To integrate Whaii Match into Workable, select the Profile Menu in the top right and select Integrations from the drop-down menu.

Choose your ATS and select Add. Name your ATS account and select Partner Token as the token type you’re using.

You’ll locate the Workable partner token by selecting your Profile Menu then Settings in your drop-down. On the left side of look for the recruiting header and select Integrations. Scroll down to service integrations and locate Whaii Match. Click on Whaii Match. Select Copy to clipboard. You can then paste the partner token under Insert ATS account key within Whaii Match.

Next, we’ll select the sub domain from your ATS URL by selecting anything after https:// and before the first period.

Input your email address that you use to login to your ATS, and press Submit.

Multi-Account Feature 

Whaii Match multi account feature allows you to add multiple ATS accounts from the same or different ATS’s. To add an additional account, click Add and enter your information for that account.

Access Whaii Match Tool Tips 

Notice the information icon throughout the Whaii Match platform. Click on the Information Icon to see helpful tips as you navigate this tool.

Import jobs into Whaii Match 

Import your jobs from your ATS by selecting the +Import jobs button in the top right corner. Here you can select all or a specific job state: published, archived, or closed. You can also add jobs individually or search for jobs by specific title or group. For example, you can search all director positions by inputting the word director.

Bulk Actions and Job Filters 

Once you’ve imported your jobs you can filter your jobs list by selecting the Filter button on the My Jobs page. You can also sort by date created or take bulk actions like archiving or deleting jobs from Whaii Match by selecting all or individually and then selecting the Bulk Action Menu and the action you’d like to complete.

Configure your ideal candidate profile 

To configure your ideal candidate profile, click on the job title you wish to configure on the My Jobs page. Once you click on the job you will be taken to a new page. Across the top of the page is a horizontal process starting with Personality and ending with Match List. You will follow this from left to right.

Configure Personality

Select Personality. Start by identifying the key personality traits and facets you would like your ideal candidate to possess.

Each trait has tool tips available so you can properly identify the key trait you are looking for. As you begin to select traits, you’ll notice that some of the traits will begin to grey out. The reason for that is the traits are like-kind to the trait you selected, or you typically won’t find those two traits within the same person. We do this as a sanity check, so you are not building the ideal target of a person that does not exist. You only need to select the most important traits during this phase.

Next, you will select the facets of your target profile. You will notice the circle is in the center. As you move it to the right you are saying you wish for a candidate to be somewhat outgoing, or very outgoing and as you move it to the left you are saying you wish for the candidate to be somewhat reserved or very reserved. Only select the categories in which you would like the candidate to rank above the average person on each facet. Selections automatically save. To continue, select Values.

Configure Values 

Select Values. Values are what we refer to as needs. What does a person need from their work to feel fulfilled? Is it purpose? Excitement? And we ask you to be honest as to what you can provide for this person. Is the department they will be working in one that helps others? Are employees encouraged to set their own goals and how to find them or is there more of a roadmap and guidelines that need to be followed? The values listed are opposite. A person tends to favor one over the other. Select the degree in which you’d like a candidate to favor a value over the other. Once you have selected the most relevant and important values, you will continue by selecting Culture.

Configure Culture

Select Culture. Culture refers to what you as an organization offer. Do you offer a culture of prestige where employees aim to achieve, succeed, and take on challenges? Do you recognize employees and celebrate company wins? If so, a person who is also appealed by revelry would align well with your culture. Is your company culture one that fosters an environment where people feel like they belong, encouraging social connections with colleagues, and that’s something you can offer to a new employee? Maybe you’re a startup company and you lack stability, that’s okay. A person who’s unappealed by stability is typically an agile person who can easily adapt to a constantly evolving environment. So be honest here with what a person can expect regarding the culture specific to that team and department, and only select the traits most relevant to your organization, department and team. Continue by selecting Skills.

Configure Skills 

Select Skills. You’ll notice there is text populated within the text box. The text from the requirements section of your job listing will integrate directly from your ATS. You can also manually upload text here by copying and pasting it in the text box. You will see to the right the text box a list of skills that have been populated.

Whaii Match runs a direct match of these chosen skills against the candidate’s resume. Go through the Target Skills List and do any cleanup to ensure the skilled identified make sense.

Press the X Icon to remove any skills from this Target Skills List. It is best to separate multiple word skills here and include any variations for the skill you’re looking to select. For example, case management and case manager and account manager, account executive. You can also clear all skills and just input a couple of unique skills you’d like a candidate to possess. Continue by selecting the small Weight Icon in between Culture and Skills.

Weight Personality, Values, Culture and Skills 

Select the small Weight Icon in between Culture and Skills. It’s time to determine how you would like to weigh the personality, values, and culture scores of an applicant against the skills score. For a sales position it might be more important for the candidate to have the right personality as other skills are more trainable, but for a more technical position it may be more important to have more skills. Side left to right to configure the weighting of your choice. To continue, select Digital Coffee Meeting.

Configure Digital Coffee Meeting 

Select Digital Coffee Meeting. There are cases in which a resume does not have enough text for our software to either complete an analysis or we recommend more text for a stronger analysis. In these cases, we suggest you send a Digital Coffee Meeting (DCM) to get more text to complete the analysis. A Digital Coffee Meeting is an email that consists of a link to answer three or more open ended, reflective questions. The Digital Coffee Meeting also provides an opportunity for you to gain more insights into your candidates through the answers provided.

To begin, toggle the DCM to on. This will offer you a menu of options. Start by selecting who you wish to send the digital coffee meeting to. The most common selection is to Only send to candidates with too little text to maintain a positive candidate experience. You may decide to select Send invitation to all if you would prefer to base the analysis off this pure writing sample or you may decide to send manually to Only send to candidates I choose. Visit Manually Send a Digital Coffee Meeting on the Help Page to see how to only send to candidates I choose.

Next, you have the option to use the questions we have created or customize them. The questions should be open-ended and reflective. The purpose of the Digital Coffee Meeting is to get enough text to properly analyze a candidate. You can add new questions here or reorder the questions to your liking. We just need 300 words of text to conduct the analysis, so if you add questions the 300-word requirement will be divided by the number of questions. For example, 6 questions will require a 50 words response each.

You can customize the invitation email and the thank you email by adding tags, text and you can even get creative with stylizing the message. Once all fields are done click Confirm and your settings will be saved. Your Digital Coffee Meeting will automatically be sent to the appropriate candidate’s inboxes once you select your candidates.


Once you configure your ideal candidate profile, you can save the selection criteria within your templates. Each template saves the personality, values, culture, and skills settings as well as the weighting and Digital Coffee Meeting settings. To save your template, select Save as New Template and name the template a unique identifiable name.

To use a saved template, select Choose Template and select the template name from the drop-down menu. Confirm that you would like to overwrite your current settings by selecting Confirm.

Should you decide you want to use a saved template but reconfigure a few items, you can do that by selecting the saved template you’d like to use by selecting Choose Template and selecting the template name from the drop-down menu. Make any updates or changes to the Personality, Values, Culture, Weighting, Skills or Digital Coffee Meeting, and then save the revised template as a new template by selecting Save as New Template.

Select & Analyze Candidates 

Click Select Candidates to select and analyze your candidates. You will be greeted by a list of all the applicants for this job within your ATS and their stage. It’s best practice to select Analyze All to analyze all candidates that way you’re creating a more equitable analysis analyzing everyone against a consistent data set, however, you do have the option to select candidates by stage or select individual candidates and only screen those.

To select candidates by stage, select Filter and choose the stage in which you’d like to analyze from the drop-down menu. Then press Analyze Selected. To select individual candidates, select the check box in front of the candidates’ name. You can select as many candidates as you would like and then press Analyze Selected.

If you would like less automatization as to which candidates and jobs you analyze, you will need to manually go back into Select Candidates to ensure you’ve analyzed any new candidates that have entered your ATS. To automate this process, visit the Automatic Analysis Feature section on our Help Page.

Analysis time depends on the number of candidates selected. You can exit out of the progress box and refer to the notification icon in the top right corner to check in on the analysis status. You can also work on other jobs while your analysis is running in the background.

Once the analysis is complete, you’ll receive a notification, and you can go into your Match List to see a full list of candidates that best align with the ideal candidate profile you created

Automatic Analysis Feature 

If you would like to automatically analyze all jobs and candidates within your ATS at the stages you choose, turn on the automatic analysis feature. You can turn this on by selecting the Profile Menu in the top right corner and select Stages.

Turn on the stages in which you would like your candidates to be automatically analyzed at. You can select multiple stages. Once this feature is turned on, any candidates moving forward that enter this stage will be automatically analyzed. Since the analysis is now automated within your ATS, you may notice that if you have not already imported a new job to my jobs list, the job will now appear once a candidate applies and is analyzed.

Please note that if a job is automatically imported, the analysis will be conducted for this job and candidates will be compared to an average until you configure your ideal candidate profile.

To avoid this, best practice is to import your job into Whaii Match once it has been created within your ATS. Then, configure your ideal candidate profile or select from your templates.

Analysis time depends on the number of candidates selected. You can exit out of the progress box and refer to the notification icon in the top right corner to check in on the analysis status. You can also work on other jobs while your analysis is running in the background.

Once the analysis is complete, you’ll receive a notification, and you can go into your Match List to see a full list of candidates that best align with the ideal candidate profile you created.

Match List 

Select Match List to see a full list of candidates that best align with the ideal candidate profile you created. Those at the top best match with the ideal candidate profile you configured.

◉   Match List Scores
You’ll notice several scores here. The blue & peach score displays the combined weighted score.   The blue represents the personality, values and culture score and the peach represents the skills     score. The skills score is the percentage of skills that directly match the skills list.

◉   Status Indicator
Under the Status Indicator column you will see either a green, yellow or red circle, triangle or envelope. Color represents the quality of the personality, value and culture analysis. Green is a high confidence analysis, meaning we have enough text to conduct a good analysis. Yellow is a low confidence analysis, and more text could be used to strengthen the analysis. Red indicates there is not enough text to conduct an analysis.

The shapes represent various indicators. A triangle indicates you are missing an email address which is relevant when sending a Digital Coffee Meeting. This typically appears when you manually upload a candidate as most candidates within your ATS will be required to submit their email address.

A closed envelope indicates a Digital Coffee Meeting invitation has been sent to a candidate.

An open envelope indicates the Digital Coffee Meeting has been completed by the candidate.

A circle indicates no Digital Coffee Meeting has been sent. This may be because the DCM feature is not turned on, or because the candidate has enough text, and a DCM is not needed.

◉   Access Candidate Profile within your ATS from Whaii Match 

You’ll notice your ATS icon under the Profile column within the Match List. Clicking this will take you directly to that candidate’s profile within your ATS allowing you to access their resume as well as any communications or notes.

◉   Candidate Summary 

The Candidate Summary shares a recap of the candidate’s skills, personality, value and culture analysis as well as a one-page candidate report. Within the Candidate Summary, you can adjust the stage of a candidate which will also trigger your ATS to update the stage with your ATS. You can provide feedback from the analysis or strengthen the analysis by adding additional written text from the candidate. You can also manually send a Digital Coffee Meeting within the Candidate Summary.

To access the unique Candidate Summary for each candidate, select the Candidate Summary Icon under the Candidate Summary column.

◎   Adjust ATS Candidate Stage in Whaii Match 

In the Candidate Summary you can go into each candidate’s unique candidate summary. Here you can adjust the stage and it will communicate that action with your ATS.

◎   Manual Send a Digital Coffee Meeting 

In the Candidate Summary you can manually send out a Digital Coffee Meeting invitation if you selected Only to send to those you manually select under the Digital Coffee Meeting settings. Within the Candidate Summary you will see a button to the top left labeled Invite to Digital Coffee Meeting. Select this button to send to the individual candidate.

◎   Personality, Values, Culture Match Summary 

In the Candidate Summary you will notice a Match list, a personality, values and culture profile which showcases those traits in which the candidate ranked highest. Those in dark blue are direct matches from your ideal candidate profile.

◎   Skills Match List 

In the Candidate Summary is a Skills list. Here you can see all skills identified from a candidate’s resume. Those in blue are direct matches to the skills you listed in your ideal candidate profile.

◎   Provide Feedback to the Algorithm 

In the Candidate Summary you can give feedback to the algorithm by selecting a thumbs up or thumbs down on the analysis after meeting the candidate. You can also press the X Icon on the Match Summary or Match Skills to remove any traits or skills that don’t match the candidate.

◎   Additional Text for Candidate Analysis 

In the Candidate Summary you will see an Additional Text box below in which you can copy and paste a candidate’s text to strengthen the analysis. Let’s say you’ve been emailing back and forth; you can take the candidate’s text and paste it inside of here and the candidate will be re-analyzed.

◎   One-page Candidate Summary 

In the Candidate Summary you can access a one-page candidate report. This report is also injected into the timeline of a candidate’s profile within your ATS. This one-page summary outlines a candidate’s personality based on the big 5 personality model, as well as values and culture preferences as compared to your ideal candidate profile. We recommend you focus on the highs and lows to see if there are any “red flags” or great fit indicators. You can then use this report during a phone screening or interview to pose behavioral questions to better understand how this candidate can add value to your organization.

◎   Understanding One-page Candidate Summary 

Peach represents the ideal candidate profile you configured for this job within Whaii Match. Blue represents the candidate’s score. The alignment shows how well the candidate matches your criteria. The 50th percentile represents the average person.

We’ll start by reading the Personality Chart. This chart displays the Big 5 Personality Model which focuses on openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and emotional range. To read the chart you’ll need to locate the center point and follow the line to each point in the hexagon. Do this for each trait to determine if they are close to the center or closer to the outside of the chart.

A candidate that is closer to the outside of the chart in Openness is more likely to be curious, open to trying new things and happy to consider abstract concepts. A candidate that is closer to the center of the chart in terms of emotional range is more likely to be calm, emotionally stable, confident, resilient and better equipped to cope with tension and stress.

Next, we’ll move on to reading the values and culture bar graphs. A candidate that ranks higher than 50% is more likely than the average person to value or be appealed by the trait listed. A candidate ranking below 50% is less likely than the average person to value or be appealed by the trait listed. As mentioned before, you only want to focus on the highest and lowest preferences.

Click here to see how to interpret each personality trait, value and culture preference.

Selection Criteria Simulation 

Whaii Match offers Selection Criteria Simulation ensuring you find the right candidate for the job. This feature gives you the opportunity to change certain criteria or requirements reconfiguring your ideal candidate profile. Your Match List will update instantly showcasing relevant candidates.

You can use this feature to explore various combinations of personality traits, values and culture preferences.

You may decide to use Selection Criteria Simulation if you have a lot of highly ranked candidates, and you’d like to narrow it down even further by layering additional traits on top of your ideal candidate profile.

Blind Screening Feature 

Whaii Match offers blind screening. This feature places a blindfold over personal identifiable information, preventing judgement and bias while increasing diversity and broadening your qualified candidate pool. If your goal is to use Whaii Match to support your diversity, equity and inclusion efforts simply click the Eye Icon in the top right corner and Confirm and Whaii will automatically remove any personal identifiable information within the Whaii Match platform.

When you go into Select Candidates, you’ll now notice the names are blurred out and when you go into your Match List, you’ll see candidates’ names are replaced with a unique identifiable number. This number supports candidate simulation. Should you decide to reconfigure your target profile, you can keep track of candidates through this tag and remain blind in your screening process.

Manually Upload a Job 

If you’ve received an application manually and you’d like to upload it into Whaii Match for analysis, you can do so by navigating to the My Jobs page and selecting +New Job. If you are manually adding an application for a new job, add the title of the job, configure your ideal target profile, upload the candidate’s resume or written text (email, memo, LinkedIn profile, etc.). It’s best to have 600 words or more. You can then access the candidate’s summary and one page report on your Match List by selecting the Candidate Summary Icon.

Analyze current employees’ personality, values, traits and skills 

If you’re looking to analyze your current employees, navigate to the My Jobs page and selecting +New Job. Name the analysis. Don’t configure a target profile. This will then analyze your current employees against the average person. Most people choose to upload text exchange like email communication here, but you can also use any type of written communication (memo, LinkedIn profile, resume, etc.). It’s best to have 600 words or more so you may need to add several text samples.

You can copy and paste the employees’ text onto a word document and save it as their name and upload it here. Do this for each team member and then you can view their candidate summary as compared to an average person. See what drives and motivates them and get a better sense of what’s important to them in terms of company culture.

Whaii Match Chat Support 

The chat feature located in the bottom right corner of Whaii Match will connect you to a member of our customer support team to answer any questions you may have. If you have been assigned a Happiness Development Executive you can contact that person as well, or reach out to support@whaii.com with inquiries.