Improve your candidate insight with our unique tools for analyzing personality, values, culture and skills. All automated.

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Our Customers

Here are some of our customers that are now hiring faster and better.

Whaii Candidate Report

  • Receive a one-page personality, value and culture preference candidate report as soon an applicant enters your ATS
  • Fully automated set it and forget tool requiring no operational training
  • Workflow remains within your ATS

Whaii Match

  • Configure your ideal candidate profile
  • Receive a one-page candidate report as compared to your ideal candidate profile as soon as an applicant enters your ATS
  • Analyze candidates based on a combination of skills, personality, value, and culture preferences
  • Access a ranked list of candidates
  • Use selection criteria simulation to adjust traits and reanalyze your candidate pool in seconds

Candidate Insights. Solved.

Whaii provides you SaaS recruitment platforms that automate your candidate analyses so you can achieve a 100% evaluation rate and make sure no talent escapes un-hired. Ready for you to use.

Works with:

✔ HR Systems

✔ Job portals

✔ External recruiters

✔ Stand-alone

Let’s show you how we do this with one of our products, Whaii Match, in this short video…

Whaii video

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