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How to hire the best people – Find the right employees NOW

More and more HR professionals claims it’s all about hiring the right persona i.e. it is all about how to hire people, how to hire the right person and how to hire the right employee. In Whaii we strongly believe that every human with their personality and skills has an individual talent and potential that only truly unfolds within the right organizational framework, values and culture.

Building a strong and agile organizational foundation will be one of the topics and important contributions from a Human Resource (HR) perspective. Building a strong human capital platform is essential for any company to support and develop a competitive advantage within the market. No matter company sizes. The individual and the individual’s capability to work in a team will become more and more vital as the root cause for high company performance and to meet future growth opportunities.

Recruiting the right person, recruiting the right staff and recruiting the right employees is essential when building this foundation.

To meet this requirement there are certain steps in the recruiting process which needs to complement each other. But, initially in the screening process it is essential with the following approach:

  • Company needs to attract and embrace a diverse candidate pool i.e. not too narrow and avoid stereotyped job target profiles and job advertisements (see also why in the following sectors)
  • Focus on human attributes and not only professional skills.


Whaii Match is one of the first truly automated candidate screening tools to include ranking not only based on skills but also on personality, values, and culture. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowers the modern HR professional to hire the right people, saves time, and makes sure no talent escapes un-hired.

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6 steps to successful recruitment
Recruiting the best employees and recruiting the best people is linked to our capability to attract a wide candidate pool. We still often screen and select from the candidate pool basically on basis of competencies by the risk of loosing talents with better personality match. Better personality match might sometime compromise the competency request, however who wouldn’t invest and enhance the qualifications with 10 or 20% to achieve a personality with a better drive, motivation and feel of belonginess with benefits of higher engagement and performance.

Therefore here you have 6 steps to secure that no talents escape un-interviewed and un-hired within your total candidate pool :

  1. Look at each candidate as an individual with unique facets, traits etc.
  2. Have a mindset (to assume) that all candidates and applicants have a talent and potential to join your company, despite “only” an ex. 80% match on hard skills/competencies
  3. To understand and define company traits, facets, values and culture foundation to match candidate and common preferences
  4. To screen ALL candidates and applicants continuedly with emphases on a qualifying match of PVC* in addition to hard skills/competencies
  5. Keep the screening process short and clarify candidates for interviewing fast or continually – stay in touch with candidates by ex. digital communication to expand candidate insights, branding of company etc. (do not pause for a long time)
  6. Rank most suitable candidates supported by a comprehensive summary of PVC match and hard skills/competencies for candidate interview – a better understanding of the individual. A good platform for interviewing and deciding next step with a better outcome.

*) PVC: personality, values and culture


Why human qualities and attributes at the center?
Before asking ourselves how to hire employees, how to recruit, how to find new employees, how to find the right employee etc. we need to change our mindset and our traditional answers to how to recruit employees.

For decades the way to qualify an open job position has been based on candidates responding to job postings sending applications and resumes. Recruiters has selected candidates for interviewing by reading applications and resumes. Screening applications has become time consuming, however much more important. The work around has resulted in more focus on only resumes and a request to candidates of shorter and overview giving resumes.

The challenge is the level of insights of each candidate match we have at this screening stage, specifically the knowledge of each candidate personality ie. motivational and engagement factors for joining our team and company. Today we reach this insight, if we reach, at a much later stage in the recruitment process. This we believe conflicts with the main factors for achieving a best match as we see individuals and our society take a new direction. A direction where engagement and meaningfulness to support individual and team creativity and performance is becoming a more vital ingredient towards each candidate success and happiness and company results (be inspired by Gallup: State of the Global Workplace 2017).

Therefore, we need to center human qualities and attributes to the benefit of both the individual as the company. A stronger and a more qualifying focus on personality, values and culture preferences (PVC) in the early stage of the recruitment process will give a much better foundation for the hiring incl. avoiding costly rehiring process (*), momentum loss etc. – all the aspects as we know today having a deep impact in our organization.

Whaii Match is one of only a few products in the market taking this approach and addressing it with a modern solution.


Why it is important to focus more on human match Factors?
For decades the recruiting process has been the same i.e. basically:

1) Company set the profile skills needed, primarily hard skills, soft skills are often generic

2) company manually screen the candidates and rank them on often primarily hard skills match

3) company do the interview to get to know the personality based upon feelings and empathy incl. human bias impact

4) company select and test only the candidate personality (not match factors to “company personality”)

5) company make the choice and offer a contract to the candidate.

A LinkedIn survey (*) giving an indication answer to why professionals leave their jobs – says 36% “unsatisfied with work environment/culture. The same survey pointed 45% as reason by “lack of opportunities of advancement” (Whaii: personal development).

Leadership IQ (**) made a study pointing out 23% as “Emotional Intelligence” for reasons 46% of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months.

How are specifically these elements qualified in the above-mentioned process? how to recruit staff, how to recruit good employees and how to find employees with emphasis on these elements? Yes, we do attempt based especially during the test session, however only covering the candidate, not the match to the company ex. values and culture preferences.

Additionally, and likely most important, by focusing on human match factors we will have the opportunity to achieve a higher job satisfaction. This equals a happier job life to enrich human’s life in general and thereby the foundation to be more productive and creative in our company organizations to the benefit of mutual development, performance and results. Alt together why it is important to focus more on human match factors.

* Source: LinkedIn survey, Why & How People change Jobs(2015).Showing average. “Which of the following contributed to your decision to leave your previous employer?”

** Source:


Why does personality, values and culture matter?
Asking and answering how to find good employees, how to recruit employees for small business, how to hire staff, how to hire good employees etc. we must elaborate on the foundation of our workplaces and the root cause for company success.

More and more companies furnish their goals, strategies and policies to support the 17 UN Goals for a better world. Several UN Goals support the wealth and healthcare for humans. So do we at why our mission statement is  -“improving lives and organizations” – we aim to improve organizations and the lives of employees worldwide by providing tools that help ensure that you hire people that match both the job (with their skills and personality) and your organization (in terms of values and culture).We thereby aim to improve the life and organizations worldwide by focusing on strengthening the core foundation -people.

A strong organizational foundation leads to good results. For a long time, research, debates and discussions across the world has taken place about what really matters to improve life on the workplace. Surveys has been made. One is Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace (2017) report highlighting from the survey that only 15% of those who is employed worldwide is engaged in their respectively daily jobs – equivalent that’s means a number of 85% who is disengaged. Wow!

A LinkedIn survey (*) giving an indication answer to why professionals leave their jobs – says 36% “unsatisfied with work environment/culture. How come? Just to mention a few important factors as social environment, meaningfulness and personal development are all important drivers to support a good workplace.

This sums up to why personality, values and culture matter to empower a better workplace to the benefit of a more happy and satisfactory life for individuals and consequently better results within the organization.

Whaii Match is one of only a few products in the market taking this approach and addressing it with a modern solution.

* Source: LinkedIn survey, Why & How People change Jobs(2015).Showing average – to “Which of the following contributed to your decision to leave your previous employer?”


How to attract and match talents
To attract talent, one of the ways is to understand better the talent you are looking for. As a recruiter you do that by start looking at each candidate and applicant as an individual and as each with a unique talent.

You need to assume that all your candidates and applicants have the potential to join your company, but some will have a better match to your needs and organization.

With this in mind and asking how to recruit people and  how to recruit employees effectively  your need can basically be split into two:

  • the competencies (education, experiences etc.)
  • personality, values and culture (PVC) preferences.

Number two is the key to attract talent, that is to understand better the talents personality, values and culture preferences. However, it is not only the candidate PVC you need to understand as just as important is the company (*) PVC to achieve the “perfect” match. So, to attract and reach for the right talents and right applicants you need to understand the talents – to understand the talents you need to understand their PVC preferences to match with your company PVC. These match factors will comprehensively create a strong foundation for talents awareness of belonginess and motivation to join your team as this match will strengthen the core foundation in your organization.

Whaii Match is one of only a few products in the market taking this approach and addressing it with a modern solution.

*) company= overall company organization, division, department or leader


New ways to meet and match on job marketplaces
An often-asked question is how to find good employees online or how to find staff?

There are many different job marketplaces today and many of them basically using the same approach as being used for centuries ex. uploading job advertisements and spreading the job opportunities via various channels and services.

In best cases features as matching candidates with companies based on skills factors is being used. This is important, but we believe that emotional intelligence is becoming more and more vital. In fact, at Whaii we believe a match based on personality, values and culture preferences is THE most important factor prior the skills factor.

By using artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms it is possible to make a new approach to how we meet and match via job marketplaces. We call it “sophisticated technology – with a human touch!”

Whaii Match is one of only a few products in the market taking this approach and addressing it with a modern solution.


Ready for a more effectively recruitment process?
How to recruit employees effectively?

A “new” view on the human bias. At Whaii we believe that human bias is particularly challenging and critical within HR and recruiting. In a time where new technologies are embracing our workplaces and organizations the human attributes are becoming more and more vital. Human capital in the center. However, we often still act as we have been doing the past decades when ex. recruiting deeply influenced by human bias. The exiting thing is that within HR numerous of opportunities and improvements using HRtech is coming to the surface helping ex. recruiters avoiding to much influence from bias on recruitment evaluations and decisions. But HRtech cannot stand alone when speaking of “technology bias” since there are some good examples on that as well. The key is sophisticated technology but with a human touch.

Whaii Match uses AI and advanced linguistic analysis to automatically create a profile for all candidates, making sure that everyone is being considered. These profiles are then ranked against a target profile set by HR for the specific job (skills and personality) and organization (values and culture). HR can then focus their efforts on the ones most likely to succeed in the job, communicate fast and effectively with them and deliver the best possible candidate experience.


Our software will find the right candidates
With Whaii Match, an online subscription-based service, organizations can save 25-40% of the time spent in the recruitment process. They can easily and securely start using AI in their efforts to make sure they hire people who not only match the job and organization with their professional skills, but also with their personality, values and culture preferences.

This reduces the risk of hiring a person who quits the job shortly after, or that you need to let go, because “it just didn’t work out”. Often the cause is not a lack of skills, but rather that the personality, values and/or culture was not a good match.

It can be used directly through or be integrated with an existing HR solution like SAP SuccessFactors and others. It is GDPR compliant and it is easy to get started without the need for large IT or implementation projects. It is sophisticated HR technology – with a human touch.


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