Mass hiring

Are you struggling with mass hiring? Is it too time-consuming? Do you feel you are compromising on quality?

First class software  for your mass hiring 

In this under 1-minute video, you will quickly hear about Whaii Match and how it can help you mass hire faster and better.

You don’t need to compromise when mass hiring

Key challenges in mass hiring:

01   The speed of hiring

Going through thousands of applications is a lengthy process. How do you cut corners while make sure to manage the whole candidate pile? That’s a challenging task that if not done right, can miss out on good candidates. 

02   The quality of hire

Getting through all the candidates seems like a never-ending task. To top it, while screen you might lose focus, and become more biased which blurs your judgement. Not to mention that sometimes it is not possible to go through all the applications. Here is where recruiters usually compromise on quality over quantity. 

03   The cost of the wrong hire

Hiring the wrong person comes with a cost and it is not only money related. The opportunity cost of hiring one employee over another that turns to be the unfitting candidate is time consuming. You lose both money and time in the process of finding a replacement. This will have an impact on your customer focus. 

Do you relate to any of those? 

Whaii Match helps you mass hire:

01  All candidates – screened

This is where technology comes to ease the screening process. With our automated AI software, you never need to screen manually anymore. And this means that screening is all done in seconds for you.  

02  Personality, culture and values – identified 

Reading between the lines of resumes is a lengthy task. Whaii Match is filled with linguistic metrics that do all that work for you in a fast matter. You can see through a list of the best candidates for the available position with a consideration of both skills, personality, culture and values. Whaii Match does not compromise on quality. 

02  Fast and effective screening process – developed

With an automated ranking system that points towards the right candidates, your organization saves time and money on the whole recruitment process. This is how you get an un-biased overview on all the candidates and make the right hiring decision. 

Whaii Match is easy to use

Our AI-driven plugin integrates intuitively to your ATS system 

How does it work?

Whaii Match takes the text from the CV and Application letter that the candidate submits and applies artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced linguistic analysis to create a candidate profile. That profile entails a more specified overview of skills, personality, values and culture of each candidate. 

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