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A solution for better candidate evaluation and screening powered by advanced linguistics

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Save time. Hire better.

Whaii Match enhances your candidate screening practices by:

– Screening through thousands of applications in seconds

– Identifying the best match of candidates based
on personality, values, culture, and skills

      – Helping you strengthen your organizational foundation

Whaii helps you:

Intuitive integration with Whaii Match

01 – We take what is already there


When your candidates apply for jobs in your organization they send in their cover letters, CV’s or other forms of applications. The words provided (still mostly in text form) can be extracted and analyzed. We also support automatically inviting candidates to a digital dialogue to answer predefined questions or cases. This is our starting point.

02 -Algorithms & analysis


We then take that text and apply advanced linguistic analysis to create a candidate profile detailing skills, personality, values and cultural preferences.

03 – Matching


Whaii Match automatically analyzes each and every candidate and ranks them based on how well they match the target profile for the job and organization. Using our advanced target profile creation tool you can even simulate how different changes to the target profile will impact the candidate list. You can then focus your attention on the candidates that are best suited, interview better candidates and hire the best!

Features & Benefits 



We analyze a candidate’s personality to ensure they will fit the job and team or department they will be working in.

Values & Culture


To really thrive as a person, your candidates must share your company preferences for values and culture – so of course, that is included.



The skills of the candidates are, of course, essential. We help you identify them and match them to your requirements.

Ideal Candidate Profile


Use our intuitive tool for creating a profile of your ideal candidate, taking personality, values, culture, and skills into account.

Digital Coffee Meeting (DCM)


Our DCM module lets you ask candidates additional questions to enrich your knowledge of them while also helping enhance the accuracy of the linguistic analysis.

Automated Analysis of All Candidates


The features above help us automate the analysis process so that you can focus on the candidates that are most suited for the job, the team and your organization.

Candidate Summary & One-Page Report


As a part of the automated analysis, we create an online summary of each candidate and a one-page pdf report that gives a detailed overview for easy sharing with colleagues.

Candidate Ranking


Regardless of whether you have received 1 or 1000s of candidates, we automatically provide a ranked list of all candidates matched against your ideal candidate profile.

Selection Criteria Simulation


Want to see how the ranked list of candidates looks if you change certain criteria or requirements? No problem.

Integration with ATS


If you use an ATS, Whaii Match can be easily integrated to ensure that you reap the full benefits of the automation it provides.



We are here for you! If you any technical issues or need help using Whaii Match or gain the most value from the tool, reach out to us. We want to help you succeed!

Peace of Mind


Included at no extra charge! Relax, knowing that you have considered every single candidate in an equal way, combining the best technology with your human touch!

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