Whaii Match saves 25-40% of the time you spend in your recruitment process

We automate your screening process. With a human touch. Without adding new time consuming activities. We make sure all job applications are analyzed and ranked based on how good their personality, values, cultural preferences and skills match the job. Your screening rate becomes 100% and no talent escapes un-hired.


Recruitment powered by AI software
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving into more and more areas – in business, healthcare, transportation, military, IT, security and also within HR, Human Resources, HCM, Human Capital Management. Whether it is embedded in a tool or piece of software or as a standalone solution it is going to have a big impact on the way we do things in the coming years. It has the potential to make us more productive, but also more creative by freeing up time to focus on tasks that create more value.

One such area is HR where screening resumes and cover letters can be a very time-consuming task. More often than not it is so time consuming that not all resumes and cover letters are even read. Instead you stop reading when you feel you have found enough candidates for an interview round. This means that you risk leaving the potentially best candidates in the pile of applications. Here AI can help by providing tools to screen the applications, CV’s, resumes and cover letters automatically.

By using automated candidate screening you make sure your screening rate gets to 100% and that no talent escapes un-hired. In a competitive market this could mean that your company or organization emerge as the most productive, creative or innovative and thereby win the customers, the market and the biggest bottom line.

One such AI recruitment tool is Whaii Match, an online SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. It automates the screening process and ensures that a personality, values, culture and skills profile is created automatically for each candidate – no matter of you receive 5 or 500 applications for each of your open job positions. You can even simulate how different target profiles influence the candidate pool and which candidates best suit your job and organization based on how you prioritize skills vs personality and vice versa.

This is just one example of AI recruiting software. Many more will emerge. AI software and recruitment tools will come in many shapes and forms, but we believe it is essential that humans are still in control, so choose wisely and make sure that when you use AI in recruitment that you chose the ones with a human touch.


Innovative HR technology, Artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms with a human touch
Fantastic era we are about to enter. Numerous of opportunities for HR improving the strategic and organizational foundation with quantum leaps using innovative HR technology AI tools.

The question is how far we are willing to go? Sophisticated technology BUT with a human touch is essential using artificial intelligence in human resource management ex. artificial intelligence recruitment. During the past years we have being researching and made huge innovative steps within artificial intelligence in HR for developing artificial intelligence employment tools. Specifically, artificial intelligence and employment is an area where to many tests have shown how difficult and misleading it could be if not, we are careful.

Developing solutions in the context of artificial intelligence and HR incl. building advanced algorithms really needs a human touch. Lots of data and a high degree of analytics, incl. HR analytics, are needed to avoid any kind of major failure and misleading HR software products and services with the risk of high consequences for both organizations and individuals. Fortunately, the gain and advantages using artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms in HR is far by higher and consequently major efforts has taken place and still is ongoing among in some of the world leading and global operating technology companies. Artificial intelligence platforms are available as building blocks to the benefit of start-up and minor tech companies.

The result is counted in an increasing number of HRtech companies delivering various forms of artificial intelligence platforms and services adding enormous value to existing HR systems globally. One example is company Whaii.com who has developed an automated screening solution with 100% complete screening of each person in the candidate and talent pool, named Whaii Match. Delivered as SaaS solution ie. a very scalable and flexible screening and recruitment solution service. Whaii Match is using artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to create a qualifying match and screening with emphasis on personality, values and culture preferences for both company organization needs as a match to the candidate and individual needs and preferences.

The artificial intelligence in this specific screening solution among other benefits data on candidate profiles in order to increase the awareness and knowhow of profiles and preferences entering the organization. In this way Whaii Match actually deliver data and information on important parameters to strengthening the organizational foundation on a continually basis to the benefit of updating the recruiters of new profiles needed in the various numbers of teams. Innovative HR tech using AI and advanced algorithms with a human touch. Driven by humans for humans.


Professionalize your recruitment with the latest software technology and services
We are about to enter a new era also within the human resource (HR) area. Human capital is becoming more and more essential for future growth and profitability. The global workforce agenda is changing putting pressure on companies and HR departments respectively meeting the new demands and offerings of attracting people and candidates for their organizations.

The demand for making new approaches and ways of recruiting is a consequential request from Top management and company leadership. The race in a competitive market for maximizing human capital has indeed begun and the pace is increasing. Within the area of recruitment numerous new technologies are appearing ex. recruitment service, recruitment software, recruitment tools, online recruitment platforms, online recruitment services, HR recruitment software with integration to current HR systems etc.

Future recruitment will indeed benefit of the upcoming new HR technologies within the range of recruiting and HR services all with the purpose of making the recruitment processes more effective in addition to adding value with multiple factors to deliver the best recruiting services and platform to support the HR departments worldwide in their aim to secure the candidate pipeline to ensure the best people and talents are being hired. By using the latest HR software and HR technologies HR departments are having a number of opportunities to professionalize and make a giant leap in recruitment effectiveness as the HRtech tools will provide intelligent ways to support recruiting the right people and employees to benefit strengthening the organization and the company’s human capital.

Professionalizing the HR recruiting process is necessary to make a new approach to the current recruitment processes otherwise. One ex. for such HR tech tool is “Whaii Match” – a SaaS recruitment and automated screening solution with 100% screening of all candidates and applicants with emphasis on a match of personalities, values and culture preferences in addition to professional skills (education and experience). A sophisticated technology but with a human touch professionalizing the recruitment and screening process including saving considerable time for the HR department without compromising quality, in fact, it improves the candidate and applicant qualification considerable compared to today’s manual process.


How to hire the best people – and make sure no talent escapes un-hired
How to hire the best people? How to hire the best talent who matches your preferences and visa versa? A golden recruiting question and if there were only one answer to this the global workforce and the company human capital situation would properly look different.

There is fortunately not only one answer as the global workforce and companies and organizations worldwide differentiate by values and culture preferences due to both geographically as to different business environments, which differences contributes to the continuously efforts and dynamics in reaching a competitive advantage ex. human capital attractiveness within the various markets.

We depend on these dynamics to support future growth. Now, having the global workforce differentiation in mind one answer to the question “how to hire the right person” “how to hire good employees” “how to hire the right employee” is to focus on your total talent and candidate pool and be sure to have an open mindset including diversity and inclusion when screening your talent and candidate pool. The open mindset in the screening of your candidate pool includes a qualification of each person focusing on the human capabilities not only on education and experience but indeed also on each personality, values and culture preferences both for the company and for the candidate.

By focusing on and creating a candidate and talent pool and exploring each person on this basis is a good start for recruiting the right and best person as this also will benefit each candidate having the same preferences leading to a higher sense of belonging, loyalty, productivity and creativity as many statistics and surveys has shown through the years. Sounds like an impossible task for recruiters.

However, this is possible by using the new HR technologies available on the market ex. is the automated 100% screening tool “Whaii Match” which specifically support profile analysis with emphases on matching personality, values and culture preferences in addition to professional skills making recruiting employees effectively. Hiring employees effectively might be the most important factor in supporting a competitive advantage within your company’s ‘human capital foundation – and making sure no talent escapes un-hired.


Increase your candidate screening rate to 100% making the best way to recruit employees using innovative HR technology
Traditionally recruiters are screening candidates and job applicants with a risk of being too subjective, relying too much on “gut-feeling” and with a focus on grades and education. In fact, in certain cases there will only be a superficial review of the candidate pool simply exposing the risk for missing talent in the candidate pool. This is too high risk and simply not the best way to hire and recruit employees.

With the increasing emphasis on human capital the HR and recruiter team needs to make a new approach also considering that having a wide and sufficient talent pool might be the most important opportunity and the best way to recruit staff as they have already shown an interest and motivation for working with your company. In fact, in today’s screening we have a high risk of missing talented personalities whose values and culture preferences to a high degree matches your organization and team needs. But today the normal practice when screening new employees do not consider that, at least not in an objective and qualified way, eliminating that subjective “gut-feeling” etc. due to time and the fact that it is extremely difficult for human eyes and minds to read personality, values and culture preferences in an application and CV etc..

So, how do you increase your candidate screening rate to 100% with emphasis on all job aspects i.e. personality, values and culture preferences in addition to professional skills and thereby make the best way to recruit on the basis of your candidate talent pool (ex. all job applications or CV database etc.)? Fortunately, the era of new technologies offers a wide range of new HRtech (human resource technology) solutions making it possible and with a high degree of improved qualification in addition to reaching a 100% screening rate of soft skills (personality, values and culture preferences) as well as hard skills (education, experience etc.).

Imagine a total screening with this emphasis and a comprehensive analysis of these aspects to support HR and the recruiter’s insight of each person. The automated screening tool “Whaii Match” is a good example providing such an opportunity without spending additional time, in fact saving time, but just as important for HR, returning value multiple times in terms of a better decision foundation within the recruitment process when hiring new employees and staff. Both to the benefit of HR as to the candidate aiming for the perfect job match. This is a giant leap towards insuring and making the best way to recruit and hire employees and new staff and strengthening your organization and teams.


Improve your bottom line with the right recruitment strategy and HR technology
There are many factors supporting and improving the bottom line. Having an effective, agile and customer passioned organization is an important factor to support such a profitability and earning platform. From a Human Resource (HR) perspective the responsibility for contributing to such profitability platform is no less than other functions and departments within the company.

In fact, HR might be the future critical source in terms of providing and maintaining the right human capital for the future company organization operating in an increasingly competitive market. The strive for a human capital competitive advantage might become the most important factor in succeeding and differentiating the profitability and bottom-line platform to the benefit of strengthening the organization and company financial foundation and surveillance. One of the important factors to support a competitive advantage in human capital is to make sure you hire the right people. Recruiting the right people needs to be supported by a recruitment plan and recruitment strategy.

How do you create and build a recruitment strategy i.e. who and how do we want to recruit? Recruitment strategies might often be a bit fluffy, however here are 6 “blocks” you should include in a recruitment strategy to become an attractive employer to be anchored in your recruitment process : 1) The purpose of your business (mission and goal – where are your business heading).  2) The value foundation in your company (company values – need to build this in your search for profiles in order to meet mutual expectation)  3) the culture foundation in your company (company culture – not only communicating about it but also make sure to live it out in the recruiting process). 4) Personality preferences supporting diversity and an agile organizational set-up. 5) Sufficient use of HR technology / HR technologies, ex. the automatic screening tool Whaii Match, to support an effective and qualifying recruitment process to the benefit of HR/Hiring manager and the candidate/applicant. 6) Mapping candidate job bases and sources for candidates.

All 6 blocks to be well described and made operational for recruiters to have a human capital framework when making job profile analysis, job posting, screening, interviewing, testing and eventually hiring. All 6 blocks with the purpose of creating a recruitment plan and strategy towards building the best foundation for a human capital leading to a competitive advantage for the company. All 6 blocks to be humanized meaning the recruitment plan should be processed as it feels like it’s being designed by humans with humans in mind. This will give the best hiring process and hiring experience for the candidate and consequently the best hiring result avoiding failed hires all to benefit the company profitability platform and future growth opportunities.


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