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Whaii automates your candidate screening process, saving your team time and money by focusing on the best matches for the job as soon as they enter your ATS. Find out how our products can help you hire faster and better.


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Whaii Candidate Report

Do you struggle with your initial pre-screening? Or, do you want to ensure you invite the best candidates to an interview? The insights in our autogenerated report can help you select the right applicant.  On one page, you can learn more about each candidate and their personality, culture and value preferences.

Whaii Match

Whaii Match enhances your candidate screening practices by screening through thousands of applications in seconds, identifying the best match of candidates based on personality, values, culture, and skills and helping you strengthen your organizational foundation.

Whaii Candidate Report

Whaii Candidate Report provides key data insights without any configuration or training. You can get seamless integration of the Whaii Candidate Report in your existing ATS with few easy steps. Our report highlights culture and value preferences for each candidate, enabling you to truly meet each individual, to understand the person behind the resume and to have a professional conversation on a human level.

Whaii Match

Whaii Match, works by configuring your ideal candidate profile. Select the personality traits, values, culture preferences and skills needed to thrive in the job and company you’re hiring for.  

The candidates that best aligns will appear at the top of your Match List and a one-page Whaii Match Report comparing the applicant to your ideal candidate profile will be injected into your ATS.  

Whaii Match offers candidate simulation allowing you to reconfigure your ideal candidate profile updating your Match List and reports in real time.  

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