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While entering the new digital era, solutions based on new technology platforms are coming to the market in large numbers. Recruitment platforms are not an exception. They are adding much value to the HR functions. There are: 


  • Online recruitment platforms (hiring platforms) – typically operating as a web-based service via a login.  They are easy to use and based on a more occasional need that is usually fitting for small businesses.
  • Recruitment software solutions (SaaS recruitment software) – typically offered as a plug-in to existing systems and as cloud-based recruitment software, easy to use but also has a degree of integration to existing HR systems. The SaaS-based plug-in solution serves both the market as small business recruiting software and big business recruiting software.
A recruitment platform that changes everything


Whaii Match servers both the occasional need, offering a web-based recruitment platform as well as delivering a SaaS cloud recruitment software ready for integration with existing HR systems.

Both services are based on a new and disruptive screening technology that changes everything from today’s process.

A modern solution to support the customer recruitment process with emphasis on a qualified candidate target setting and a 100% complete screening of all candidates for the purpose of ensuring that the customer always hires the right candidate.

Top recruitment software will find the right candidates
With new HR technology available numerous of opportunities for HR and recruiters are coming to the surface. HR recruitment software is being offered making a giant leap within recruiting disrupting and re-thinking traditional recruitment processes.

The purpose with new employee recruitment software is clear – making the daily tasks easier and improving recruiting results considerably. The consequences by not hiring the right people for your organizations is high. The traditional recruiting process of today requires many resources and results are being questioned more and more, for instance due to an overly reliance on subjective “gut-feeling” in the decision process.

Therefore, investing and subscribing in recruiting software to find the right candidates is becoming more and more attractive and of great importance within HR organizations. However, there is a broad variety of recruiting software in the market. Some focus on optimization of administrative processes and other focuses on the outcome of a recruiting process i.e. qualification and hiring the right candidate. As a top recruitment software Whaii Match support the hiring manager/recruiter in both. Making it easier by a more streamlined and automated process, but most important Whaii Match helps find the right candidate within the total candidate pool.

The Whaii Match technology platform makes it possible to find the right candidate as one of the few in the market with emphasis on personality, values and culture preferences – in addition to skills.


Whaii is a gamechanger in recruitment
Whaii’s product, Whaii Match, is one of the first truly automated candidate screening tools to include ranking not only based on skills but also on personality, values and culture. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) it empowers the modern HR professional to hire the right people, saves time and makes sure no talent escapes un-hired.

Using a state-of-the-art security framework and technology platform Whaii brings forward new ways of thinking within top recruiting software and screening tools. Among staffing software solutions Whaii differentiates itself among others by offering a professionalization of the initial part of recruitment process, the screening process, embracing the total candidate pool making sure no talent escapes un-hired by delivering a deep insight of each candidate applying for a job.

Whaii’s mission “improving lives and organizations” is anchored in the Whaii Match product to deliver the best software for hiring people and best recruiting software and being a gamechanger in HR recruitment.


Avoid failed hires
Investing in the best software for hiring can possibly make a difference e.g. lowering the attrition rate in organizations. A failed hire has consequences both for the employee and for the employer.

In fact, the cost and consequences are considerably high, estimated to approx. 50-200% of the annual salary and not to mention employer branding effects and personal consequences for the employee. Therefore, investing in the best employment software will have a high ROI. By using e-recruitment software, it is possible to run the qualification process more professionally dealing with a more analytical approach to e.g. screening a candidate pool.

Specifically, if the employee hiring software is capable of handling both personal profiling analysis and handling professional experience and education and qualification parameters. Statistics* gives an indication as to why professionals leave their jobs stating that 36% were “unsatisfied with work environment/culture”. Available recruiter software solutions can assist HR recruiters in analyzing such match preferences and highlight this early in the recruitment process. This will undoubtedly contribute to avoiding failed hires.

*Source: LinkedIn survey, Why & How People change Jobs (2015). Showing average – to answer, “Which of the following contributed to your decision to leave your previous employer?”


Make sure no talent escapes un-hired
In addition to the efforts to avoid failed hires by investing in recruiter software, it will also benefit HR and recruiters in making sure no talent escapes un-hired.

In a time where talent shortages are an issue and might even become more critical in the future, consequently pre-selection and screening the total candidate pool (candidate funnel) for talents to join their teams will be essential for the organizations. Today pre-selection and screening is requiring lots of resources and not to mention the fact that today’s pre-selection in many organizations is a manual and human task, with the risk of missing important personality qualifications and the risk of relying too much on subjective “gut-feeling” when reading and selecting.

Using web-based recruitment software/job recruiting software will likely improve and add value to existing screening processes. With available online recruiting software, it is also possible to professionalize and improve the profiling analysis of the candidate pool being able to rank and match with emphasis on personality, values and culture preferences, which is not possible to do with the human reading. A considerable important add-on supporting the efforts in making sure no talent escapes un-hired from a talent and candidate pool.

Whaii Match is one of only a few products in the market taking this approach and addressing it with a modern solution.


Spend your HR time on what really matters
“I can buy almost everything, but I can’t by time” (quote: Warren Buffet). This statement applies to all of us. With the changes and speed influenced by the new digital era time is becoming a new and more critical factor in the competitive market. Timing and time are strongly linked.

This also applies for HR and recruiting activities. Having a complicated and no-tech recruiting process is barely cutting it today – and will be even more difficult to live with in the near future. It will certainly have an impact on your competitive advantage. New generations will refuse to spend more time on the recruiting process, in particularly when giving information which is available on other places and social platforms.

This will force organizations to invest in recruitment management software and simple recruiting software minimizing no-value administrative and manual processes to the benefit of candidates and to HR. By saving time HR can spend more time on what really matters e.g. interviewing candidates, employer (candidate) branding, focusing candidate and talent funnel etc.

The Whaii Match, a software recruitment service and SaaS provider, simply helps HR and recruiters make sure they spend time on what really matters.


Ready for better and more effective recruitment?
In todays market there are several variations of available HR technology supporting HR and recruiters in their daily work enriching and simplifying the existing recruitment systems and processes.

It is possible to use recruiting software free, however this is very often a standard version with many limitations. However, this gives an opportunity to do trials of using software recruiting in a simple but indicative way of what HR technology is capable to provide of value. It is possible for a large organization to apply recruitment software using free trials available for recruitment software for small business.

Whaii Match offers an automated and complete screening solutions incl. a variety of features making HR and recruiters daily work easier and delivering a professional and modern technology platform to hire better and thereby strengthening the core foundation of the organization. On top Whaii Match is delivered with a high and extensive degree of security as an implementation is based on simplicity in all aspects.


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