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Best tips for recruiters in 2021

Learning is a never-ending story. Some would say learning is the most vital factor to make progress within an organization.

Learning is built upon not only an open mindset, but also the ability to listen. Both abilities are in demand as human qualities. With new technologies emerging all the time learning and adaptability is a foundational requirement in any organization.

Within HR and recruitment there are numerous of opportunities for improving the strategic and organizational foundation with quantum leaps using innovative HR technology and AI tools. In the following we will mention our tips and learnings, in particularly with emphasis on recruitment tips – starting with:

Foundational recruitment tips in today’s market


  • Be open and prepared to change your mindset of recruiting – times change, and people change.
  • Re-think your approach by questioning and learning from your experience. The recruiting process is influenced by traditional thinking based on past years of practice. Unless you have changed your mindset radically, you are doing recruitment probably the same way as everyone else. Keep in mind that everyone is likely going for the same category of candidates within each area.
  • Define or revise the foundation for human capital (talent, organization and leadership) in your organization. This is due to the changes in the future workforce and thus new requirements for HR. Many trend reports and research are giving indications of what is changing and thus new demands for securing and developing the human capital incl. the recruitment process. In other words – be sure to know and focus on the vital HR factors in your company, e.g. how to secure that no talent escapes un-hired, and thus securing the organizational foundation to the benefit of your company – and your competitive edge.
  • Start working with emerging HR technologies, better soon rather than later, so you can help provide advantages in a competitive market e.g. cost savings, improved output, data-driven HR leadership, intelligent employer branding, etc. Find out more about recruitment tips in today’s market in our whitepapers.


When providing you the best tips for recruiters for hiring good employees we must first address the candidate pool. Securing the talent into the candidate pool and then ensuring you utilize the pool effectively will be a critical factor in delivering the right people to the organization.



Initial tips to improve your candidate pool


  • Be open and prepared to change your mindset of recruiting – times changes and people change. Re-think your approach when you are addressing candidates. Make for a good candidate experience.
  • List why your company is attractive thus personalizing your advertisement content and profile needs. You’re looking for an individual personality, not only input of skills.
  • Use new HR candidate screening technology to embrace a broader candidate funnel and thus not only focus on skills but also human attributes (i.e. personality, values and culture) matching your team.
  • Look beyond your subjective “gut-feeling”. You will be surprised to see new talent potentials emerge to the surface and thus enrich the interviewing foundation and eventually the decision for hiring the right person.


It’s all about hiring the right one – and for the right one it’s all about the right employer. Leading to the result of strengthening your organizational foundation and competitive edge.

Whaii Match, as one of a few, deliver such technology to analyze a broad and extensive candidate pool in order to strengthen your team.

See more tips below…

Recruitment Tips

Recruiter tips - how to differentiate yourself from other recruiters
Supplementary best tips for recruiters: Be yourself. Doing recruiting is a very personal job, or at least if you think of it as such and act as such, well, you are already ahead.

With increasing requirements for HR to hire the right people, which is vital due to many reasons mentioned in the previous articles, the recruiter’s job is not becoming easier. In fact, considering the changes within the workforce and our society combined with the impact from new technologies emerging, the situation is influenced by an increased pace and competition of talents. So, how do you differentiate yourself as an HR recruiter – a few thoughts and ideas:


  • Adapt new trends and research of behavioral changes within the future workforce. Revise your recruitment strategy in a new era. Your personal ability to adapt and materialize on the trends and research of the workforce is important. This will give you a deeper understanding of what the patterns are and what matters in people’s and thus in a candidate’s life. This is important for attracting candidates and building candidate branding. You will have the ability to be more aligned and consequently the possibility to address and attract better candidates than your competitors.


  • Start using new HR technology and thus increase your ability to use AI and save time so you can focus on what really matters. AI in recruitment will make a difference. Try not to overcomplicate the implementation of new HRtech. Numerous HR technologies are emerging with opportunities of leveraging HR to make giant leaps strengthening and developing the recruitment process. Focus on the ones adding pure value in terms of better recruiting performance and cost savings in one solution. Using HRtech will in most cases reduce time and thereby allow you as a recruiter to spend more time on what really matters. It is often simpler to implement than you think.


  • Focus on candidate experience and thus candidate branding. There is a phrase: “Exceed the customer’s expectation and you will win the customer”. The same applies for candidates. This is vital for the candidate branding. Leveraging a good candidate experience will undoubtedly be a win for future recruiting. Hiring the right people is becoming more and more important. By focusing on each candidate with a personal touch you could differentiate yourself from competitors. Ensuring a good and talented candidate funnel will be essential at all times. A candidate funnel not only containing candidates with the right skills but also talented personalities which fit your team, values and culture. Human capital is the foundation that support a competitive edge and you start with recruiting the right people. But you need people to attract people.



Recruiting tips for a good candidate experience
In HR, a good candidate experience is vital. Here are 5 tips for recruiting new employees and to improve candidate experience and thus the candidate branding:

  1. Have a mindset that every candidate has a potential talent to join your team – and run the process like you mean it
  2. Personalize your job advertisement – and live up to it during the recruitment process
  3. Have a smooth application process – just as you are busy, so are your best candidates, time equals attention
  4. Keep the candidates engaged during the process – it is encouraging and makes it personal
  5. Give feedback to each candidate – no one fails, but you prefer the one hired

It’s all about hiring the right candidate – and for the right candidate it’s all about finding the right employer. A good candidate experience will make you attractive thereby fueling your future candidate funnel.

If the above 5 tips sound impossible and unrealistic? Maybe you should consider new HRtech to help you. There are numerous opportunities for HR to use new HR technologies – easily and without making it big projects.



Recruiting tips to attract the best candidates
Here are some tips on recruiting employees with emphasis on attracting candidate talents.

To attract talent, one of the ways is to better understand the talent you are looking for. As a recruiter you do that by  looking at each candidate and applicant as an individual, each with a unique talent. You need to assume that all your candidates and applicants have the potential to join your company, but some will have a better match to your needs and organization. Your needs can basically be split into two

  • the competencies (education, experiences etc.) and
  • personality, values and culture (PVC) preferences.


Number two is the key to attract talent. That is, to better understand the talent’s personality, values and culture preferences. However, it is not only the candidate PVC you need to understand. It is just as important for the company* PVC to achieve the “perfect” match. So, to attract and reach for the right talents and right applicants you need to understand the talents – to understand the talents you need to understand their PVC preferences to match with your company PVC.

With emphasis on these factors, and in addition, the ability to make a good candidate experiences will comprehensively create a strong foundation for the talent’s awareness of belongingness and motivation to join your team as this match will strengthen the core foundation in your organization.

The Whaii Match automated candidate screening solution is one of only a few products in the market taking this approach by focusing on personality, values and culture and addressing it with a modern solution.



Tips for HR recruiter’s candidate branding
The concepts of candidate experience and candidate branding are climbing upwards fast on the agenda in HR. It is obvious why that is so. The requirements for HR hiring the right people is becoming more and more vital. Many efforts are invested in creating the right human capital foundation. The battle of talents is ongoing and will likely continue in the future. Research and trend reports support this direction and thus the importance of at all times to be able to have a broad and qualified candidate pool.

To set the scene, imagine that candidates are in a position where they choose you as employer. They choose the organization they find interesting and thus will join for a certain period of their life. Certainly, a gamechanger from today’s situation. What do you do? If you have done your homework around candidate branding this will surely be a help.

Here you have 3 basic tips to support a good candidate branding:

  • Focus on candidate experience, that is
    • How you are addressing candidates – you are hiring an individual personality, not only input of skills. Make the job advertisement personal and focus on how you as an organization can contribute to personal development and how values and culture foundation makes a difference in your team, in addition to the needed skills. Highlight how you can achieve a mutual enrichment working together.
    • How you treat candidates during the process – keep candidates’ engagement during the process. You need all candidates’ attention meanwhile you are narrowing down the interviewing list and eventually hiring the one. That could be sending out further company information e.g. how it is to work in your team, questions of mutual interest related to the job etc.
  • How you close a process with candidates – no one fails, but you prefer the one hired. Make a supportive approach.
  • Use simple application handlings systems & processes – if complicated and time consuming (minutes, not quarters or hours) you will lose candidates in the loop
  • Provide qualified feedback to candidates – not only standard phrases, make it a personal feedback and encourage how to continue the “journey” respectively.

If this sound unrealistic and impossible, maybe you should consider using new HRtech.



Tips for HR recruiters to engage in new HR technology
Get a taste of what’s out there. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Have an open mind. So many things are developing within HR tech to support you and your daily decisions and work. Many have the potential to make your life easier and increase your value contribution. Be curious – everything is possible – almost, so a few initial tips how to engage:

  • Start following companies, blogs and influencers within HR technology – many release new and interesting updates every day.


  • Search the internet for HR technologies within your field i.e. recruitment software, screening tools etc. Be inspired and updated.


  • There are many free trials out there. Often only standard or limited versions, but nevertheless try them and get a first impression and idea of how it can support you and your organization.


Remember – many new HR tech tools are SaaS solutions, meaning no big IT projects and process changes needed. Easy to try and to evaluate. Many of them simply enrich your existing systems and processes in a straightforward way.



Whaii is a gamechanger
Whaii’s first product, Whaii Match, is one of the first truly automated candidate screening tools to not only analyze based on skills but also on personality, values and culture. All automated. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) it empowers the modern HR professional to hire the right people, saves time and makes sure no talent escapes un-hired. It is set to transform the screening process completely.

Whaii Match uses AI and advanced linguistic analysis to automatically create a bias-free profile for all candidates, making sure that everyone is being considered. These profiles are then ranked against a target profile set by HR for the specific job (skills and personality) and organization (values and culture). HR can then focus their efforts on the ones most likely to succeed in the job, communicate fast and effectively with them and deliver the best possible candidate experience. And enjoy watching another engaged employee thrive in their new job.

Whaii Match contributes with numerous of opportunities using this HR technology screening solution among others supporting a good candidate experience.



Ready for better candidates in less time?
In HR all efforts and focus should at all-time be “talent – organization – leadership”. All previous listed recruitment tips for employers is to benefit the talent and organizational foundation. All the recruiting staff tips above hopefully will support your goal achievement in a meaningful way.

To summarize it’s all about your view and mindset to acknowledge that past years of recruiting in many forms are on a de-route facilitated by new requirements from organizations, changes in our society, individual new paths of life and new HR technologies emerging both challenging and encouraging new ways to work.

Your readiness for adapting and materializing those factors is your and your team’s success criteria in a new era with new requirements for human capital and increasing market competition.

As for HR recruiting, your starting point – always hiring the right one – can be fulfilled by using new HR tech screening solutions.

With Whaii Match, a revolutionizing new online subscription-based candidate screening tool, organizations can save 25-40% of the time spent in the recruitment process. You can easily and securely start using AI in your efforts to make sure you hire people who not only match the job and organization with their professional skills, but also with their personality, values and culture preferences.



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