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SaaS recruitment software

More and more recruitment software is being delivered with a SaaS approach. That is software as a service concepts with a variation of advantages. SaaS recruitment software has the advantage of being very simple and focused tools and at the same time being very flexible in usage. Typically, you pay by use e.g. per candidate etc.

With SaaS recruitment software you can enrich a specific process whether it is in your existing systems or just want to use a service e.g. candidate screening which you have the possibility to do today.

Whaii Match is such a SaaS recruitment software and is one of the first truly automated candidate screening tools to not only analyze based on skills but also on personality, values and culture.

Colleagues discussing how to implement the SaaS recruitment software Whaii Match


Leading SaaS recruitment

There are several SaaS recruitment software vendors. However, only a few are leading the market, actively using artificial intelligence and automated solutions saving both cost and improving results. Which means adding considerable value to you.

These leading SaaS recruitment software companies differentiate themselves by fulfilling the following value creation criteria:

  • Simple to use and integrate
  • Subscription based i.e. pay as you use, no obligations, no investments and scaling with your need
  • Simple pricing structure
  • Enriching you with a high degree of value creation i.e. eliminating manual and low value processes saving hours, securing and improving your output e.g. increasing application screening rate to 100%, new features and opportunities supporting you as HR recruiter to make the best result = hiring the right person, faster.

Whaii is such a leading SaaS recruitment software and service company. With Whaii Match, a revolutionizing new online subscription-based candidate screening tool, organizations can save 25-40% of the time spent in the recruitment process and not only analyze based on skills but also on personality, values and culture. Important factors in strengthening your team.


Choose Whaii and hire better

Being one of the technology-leading SaaS recruitment tools within screening of applicants Whaii Match is an easy choice for you. Not only does Whaii Match save time so you can spend more time on what matters, but Whaii Match also enhance the foundation for choosing the best candidates to interview.

Whaii Match as a SaaS recruiting software simply offer you the possibility to hire better. If you hire people with a good match within personality, values and culture preferences, in addition to skills, the possibility to improve engagement in your organization is likely to increase.

Engagement is key to improve team performance and in strengthening your organizational foundation. This will undoubtedly support a competitive edge in a market where technology continues to disrupt.

HR professional improving his recruitment process by using the SaaS recruitment software Whaii Match


Recruitment as a SaaS service

Many in HR and recruiting still have a traditional mindset of the recruitment process and often this mindset is anchored in HR systems designed in another decade.

Today numerous opportunities are emerging with recruitment processes “as a service”, enriching your processes internally and adding high value to your team with the opportunity to enhance your hiring team results considerably.

Future recruitment software and SaaS recruiting tools will likely be offered as part of an HR technology eco-system supporting and enriching your existing systems. SaaS recruitment software often also give opportunities to recruiters not having any ground system to lean on.

The advantage of “recruitment as a service” is the possibility for each user to access via the web and enjoy the same platform as anyone else with in-house systems.
Within this category Whaii Match is a revolutionizing new online subscription-based candidate screening tool. We welcome you to try it.


Save time and make better hiring decisions using a SaaS solution

Good SaaS solutions and recruitment software is characterized by high saving potentials and improving results of the outcome. High saving potential estimated between 30%-50% and improving results could be defined as helping you as a recruiter to fulfill your goals e.g. lower attrition rate, entry point of engagement etc.

Improving a result could also be based on using a disruptive and innovative tool not only to serve short term but also long-term perspectives and keeping up the pace of improving the existing processes. Those focusing on using HR technology and SaaS solutions will enhance their technology platform and more important they will likely stay on track with new emerging technologies by keeping a flexible structure and process to stay agile and adaptive.

With Whaii Match, a revolutionizing new online subscription-based candidate screening tool, organizations can save 25-40% of the time spent in the recruitment process. They can easily and securely start using AI in their efforts to make sure they hire people who not only match the job and organization with their professional skills, but also with their personality, values and culture preferences.

Rubik's cubes and colored balls on the desk of a HR professional using Whaii Match - a SaaS recruitment software


SaaS automated recruiting

SaaS automated recruitment and screening tools do not necessarily exclude human interaction. The best SaaS recruiting software does include a degree of human touch, not compromising the automated approach nor the sophistication of technology, but meeting human requirements by being involved in critical decision processes such as final pre-selection of candidates.

The element of human interaction is a key issue for many, not wanting to leave too much up to computers and technology. Whaii Match uses AI and advanced linguistic analysis to automatically create profiles for all candidates, making sure that everyone is being considered.

These profiles are then ranked against a target profile set by HR for the specific job (skills and personality) and organization (values and culture). HR can then focus their efforts on the ones most likely to succeed in the job, communicate fast and effectively with them and deliver the best possible candidate experience. Using sophisticated HR tech but with a human touch.


Ready for better SaaS recruitment?

It is difficult to see any disadvantages using this kind of top-of-the-line SaaS recruitment software. The flexibility, cost involved, and potential added value evens the risks. Most SaaS recruiting software have no large obligations and lets you start quickly and easily.

The way forward is to focus on your pain and needs within recruiting and consider what value-add product or service would solve this. The simple keywords e.g. automated screening etc. could made the subject of a search on the WWW and likely will give you an inspiration of what is offered. There are numerous opportunities within HR tech.

Whaii’s SaaS, Whaii Match, revolutionizes the candidate screening process with unique ability to analyze personality, values, culture and skills in one automated solution. Whaii Match is a revolutionizing new online subscription-based candidate screening tool. Book a demo or choose a free trial to get started.


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