Whaii API

Want to integrate advanced analytics into your own products enabling you to analyze personality, values, needs and consumption preferences of the people that are important to you?

We got you covered. Quick and easy. Book a call with us to explore how you can add value to your existing or new systems and processes.


API features



Detailed insights into people’s personality based on the Big 5/OCEAN personality model of traits and facets. 


Values convey what is most important to an individual and they serve as motivational and guiding principles in people’s lives. 



Needs are an important aspect of human behavior. The 12 categories of needs reported by our service are often described as desires people hope to fulfil.

Consumption Preferences

Using personality, values and needs we can identify certain consumption preferences, more than forty in total in eight high-level categories.

Simple Input

The service only requires a few simple inputs and a text sample to infer the characteristics of the people you are analyzing.

Detailed Output

The output, however, is very detailed and can be used for a multitude of use cases.

Create value with insights

The insights you gain can help you better understand people, their behavior, and their decisions. So, whether you want to learn more about the values and culture of your employees, understand your customers better, help match people based on individual preferences, increase sales, or improve and develop better products, we are able to help you.


Integration & API

We have made it very easy to integrate our analytics capabilities into your existing systems and processes through our open API. With only a few simple instructions and API calls you will be able to analyze people. And it doesn’t matter if it’s 10, 10.000 or more. We scale with your demands.