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Pick the right talent with a
one-page candidate report

Do you struggle with your initial pre-screening? Or do you want to ensure you invite the best of those to an interview? Or, have you interviewed the most suited candidates and still have doubts? 

The insights in our autogenerated report can help you select the right applicant.  On one page, you can learn more about each candidate and their:


  • Personality
  • Culture preferences
  • Value preferences

Whaii Candidate Report Features


Values & Culture

Q & A Module

Automated Analysis of All Candidates


Candidate Summary & One-Page Report

Integration with ATS

Peace of Mind

Get to know your candidates


Personality Traits

It is not enough to hire the candidate with the right skills for your team. How an employee’s personality adds and fits the team is crucial for a thriving work environment. 

Having the key personality traits on all of your candidates available from the very beginning of the screening process can make a huge difference in your hiring outcomes.


Values & Culture Preferences

It is not news that values and culture foundations influence organizational performance.

The coherence between individual and organizational values and culture preferences is the difference between whether an employee is engaged or disengaged. Thrives or not. The difference is massive and it results in how creative, innovative, imaginative and productive that person will be. And how happy.

Our report highlights these elements for each candidate, enabling you to truly meet each individual,  to understand the person behind the resume and to have a professional conversation on a human level.

Culture - visible and invisible


No process changes needed

More insights. Greater candidate’s profile overview. Better decision-making.

Once you have signed up for Whaii Candidate Report, you will automatically receive a one-page report on each candidate directly within the candidate summary section in Workable. On every candidate you ever need to screen. No need to change your current processes to get the report’s insights.

You can get seamless integration of the Whaii Candidate Report in your existing ATS with few easy steps. No lengthy integrations, no complicated procedures required. Easy as that. 


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Want to automatically rank your candidates?

Seeking the best candidate starts with an optimized hiring process. With enriched and holistic search criteria without compromising on screening speed.

Upgrade to Whaii Match and take your candidate screening to the next level. Automatically rank all your candidates against the ideal candidate profile that you decide for each role.


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